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Porsche launches battery division

Porsche 99x Electric

Porsche is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030, not only in its own operations but across the entire value chain.

To achieve this goal, one of the key measures Porsche will undertake is expanding the number of electric vehicles it sells. The automaker estimates that by 2030 more than 80% of its sales will be EVs, with the remainder made up of the 911—which will be Porsche’s last holdout for the internal-combustion engine.

For EVs, the key determiner of performance is battery technology. But rather than rely purely on outside suppliers, Porsche said this week it is developing its own batteries (cells and packs) via the new subsidiary company Cellforce Group, a joint venture established by Porsche and German battery technology company Customcells, an expert in lithium-ion cell technology that has traditionally serviced the aviation and shipping industries. Porsche has an 83.75% stake in the new Cellforce joint venture.

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