Jay Leno Seriously Burned After Gasoline Fire In His LA Garage

Jay Leno

Jay Leno, the former late night host most people know for comedy but we all know for his abundant and generous love of cars, was injured while working on a vehicle in his garage reports TMZ. Details are scarce at this moment, but Leno was reportedly taken to the burn ward at the Grossman Burn Center for a serious injury to his face that occurred when “one of the cars erupted into flames without warning.”

Leno is known for having a great collection of cars in his facility in Los Angeles, which he also uses for his show “Jay Leno’s Garage.” Here’s a clip of him recently driving around with President Joe Biden:

We’ve reached out to friends and colleagues with the show to see if there are any details beyond what TMZ reported, which makes it sound like a serious, though non-life threatening, burn.

Update: “Variety” has a statement from Leno, who confirms that he was burned in a gas fire but is otherwise ok:

 “I got some serious burns from a gasoline fire. I am ok. Just need a week or two to get back on my feet.”

Image: NBC/Leno’s Garage

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33 Responses

  1. Hope he recovers faster than, one of his Muscle Cars…
    The gears in my brain,keep turning from curiosity. I didn’t know a Steam Engine car,uses gasoline. I thought a steam engine used steam. If it uses both, it would be a Hybrid..
    Nice to hear, he’s gonna make a full recovery

  2. Creatively, I feel like his stint as Tonight Show host was a low point in his career. I remember seeing his stand-up bits that were funny as hell. Jay Leno’s Garage really showed how cool, funny, and approachable he could be. I hope all is well with him and wish him a quick recovery.

      1. Actually, I saw an interview with him several years ago in which he said he used only the money from doing stand up to buy his cars, he saved the Tonight Show money. He also purchased some of the cars relatively cheaply, he’s said he bought his first Miura when it was a $15,000 car. I would imagine the Jay Leno’s Garage episodes fund the collection, and the staff it takes to run it. He is a car guy through and through, and I hope he recovers soon and fully.

  3. Hope he is okay. I cant say much on his acting ability but a tremendous comedian and car guy.
    One thing that i have notice even witb experts the more they know and the longer they go without little issues the more confident and careless they get.

    1. “One thing that i have notice even witb experts the more they know and the longer they go without little issues the more confident and careless they get.”

      Maybe just speculating that he was careless isn’t great since that would make his injuries his own fault?

  4. Hope he gets better soon. He’s a special type of enthusiast who has pushed the boundaries of 3D printing and other technologies to reproduce parts and keep rate cars on the road. It’s benefited all of us. I enjoy his restoration videos the most.
    I’m guessing it was one of those steam cars with the hand pump for kerosene that did the deed and burned his face.

    1. I hope he has an endowment set up to continue things after him.

      Paul Allen didn’t plan for that and his Flying Heritage Museum and Living Computer Museum both had to close after he passed. Stratolaunch also ran into issues when he couldn’t bankroll it any more.

    2. Well put. I really enjoy that he keeps his Chrysler Turbine car operational…that can’t be easy.

      Though I do hope they occasionally prank the local Autozone. “I’m not seeing this model in the computer. 1963 you say? Which engine? Wait, what?”

          1. I have… on purpose.. set this situation up perfectly, so the dealer parts guy wouldnt have to ask me questions. (Backed her in right in front of Parts Dept.)

            “No, it doesnt have the automatic”.
            “Yes, it has the red seats”.
            “No, its not the EX model. That is the LX”.
            “Yes, its the 92”.
            “No, it didnt have the 6cyl”.

            He was staring right at my car.. and couldnt figure things out…

  5. Say what you will about him professionally, but I can alway s admire an enthusiast who is in it for the love of the cars. He always seems to be less “look at what I have” and more “isn’t this cool?”

    I hope he heals up well and gets back to the garage with a smile.

  6. My first thought is that it was one of his steam cars – I remember a video of him using a blow torch to light the pilot on a Stanley and a fireball blew back at him, he seemed to pull his head away from it just in time, and brushed it off like it was no big deal, happens all the time.

    It might have been a Jay Leno’s Garage segment, but I seem to remember Dennis Gage being there, so it might have been for My Classic Car

    But, he’s saying gasoline fire – you can burn gasoline in steam cars, but he seems to run his primarily on kerosine, so who knows what vehicle was involved.

  7. Know a few people that have met him and talked cars and they speak very favorably of him and how he acts even when the cameras aren’t running. Love the garage show, stuff happens if you are doing something other than sitting on the couch all day, but still better to enjoy what you love with some risks rather than wearing out the seat cushions.

  8. Glad you’re going to be ok Jay.
    Next time let that priceless car burn.
    Yeah,TBH i’d do the same in your shoes! Skin can grow back (sorta).Rare old cars aren’t being made anymore.

    -Comments based purely on supposition and bear no relation to facts imagined or true

  9. I hope Jay’s doing well, he’s already made a comment from the hospital.
    According to TMZ, he was working on a 1907 White Steam Car, and a gas line leaked and sprayed gas on his face and hands, then caught fire when there was a spark.

    Here’s a video of Jay with the same car, he almost burned his hand when there was a small fire, which he calmly blew out. It looks like he may have had that experience before.

  10. Shit. I love Jay. He’s very down to earth, he’s generous with his knowledge and collection, and he’s passionate about cars. Believe it or not, my mom had bought his autobiography, which I read as a teenager. I remember all his stories about ferrying around Rolls Royces and other exotics.

    Get better soon, Jay.

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