The Autopian’s Glorious Wheelbarrow Full Of Shrimp Is A Hit At The LA Auto Show!


When we said we were inviting West Coast Autopians to enjoy a wheelbarrow full of shrimp at the LA Auto Show we were not joking. People kept asking me if it was a joke. It is not a joke. I would not joke about something like this. It is real and it is spectacular.


Here are Jason and David enjoying it (in front of an Aston Martin Virage Shooting Brake, no less). It’s so good.


Screen Shot 2022 11 17 At 2.35.00 Pm

It’s not too late to RSVP for the party tonight as we have a little room. Just no double-dipping! Debbie will not let you double dip.

[Editor’s Note: Meet me behind the Zündapp Janus and I’ll give you a pass to double-dip. I know a guy. Just play it cool. Also, I just want to say this is a personal dream realized and it’s achingly beautiful, like a gilded eagle soaring over a glacial lake of cerulean blue water, only there’s about three feet of cooked, peeled shrimp covering everything. – JT]

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54 Responses

    1. He also looks like a cult leader… Wait, did I join a cult at his taillight meetings?! Now that I think about it it’s kind of weird that he shouts “Torchtopia will rule the world!” before every meeting.

      1. Are… are you just now realizing this is a cult? I thought Torch and David made it pretty clear we will all consume rusty Jeep flakes and ascend to the tail lights that gave us life some day.

        1. No and yes. I knew we were part of the Autopian cult. It was part of the terms and conditions when I created an account. I however did not know that there was a subcult called Torchtopia until today. I see the error of my ways though and I am ready to ascend.

          *reaches for rust in a spray can* I am awaited in Torchhalla!!!

  1. killjoy time. my younger, food worker self wants to ask if you cut a hole in the bottom of the barrow? not being able to drain the the melt water as it forms would mean that shrimp is swimming in bacteria.

    tho’ maybe the lessons i learned decades ago were bogus, just for the theater of hygiene rather than the reality. my mind was blown in England a few years ago when my hostess never put dairy products in the frig during my stay (50’s and 60’s air temps, or i guess the teens on their scale).

  2. “Meet me behind the Zündapp Janus and I’ll give you a pass to double-dip”

    That’s gotta be a sentence that has never been uttered or typed before in human history.

    Sorry I’ll miss this, but hopefully you’ll have more meets in the L.A. area

    1. Galpin has at least two AML shooting brakes in their collection. Might be 3?

      When I went to the Autopian meetup at Galpin a few months ago, I was stoked to see a Lagonda driving on the freeway right as I exited. I was not expecting to walk into the Galpin building and see like 6 (!) of them there.

  3. This just in, new automotive website The Autopian was shut down today after numerous people fell ill after eating shrimp from a wheelbarrow. Company executives denied all wrong doing and claimed a British national was responsible for the tainted shrimp. The FDA is currently trying to track down all individuals who may have eaten from the shrimp-barrow.

    1. On a related note, a bunch of people from my company who went to SEMA got sick. After nearly 3 years of avoiding Covid it finally bit me. I’d much rather have food poisoning from wheelbarrow shrimp.

  4. What’s up with the brownish cocktail sauce on the front-right? I’m used to the blood red version such as shown in the back right of the ‘barrow. Is the brown sauce some trendy, Californian, vegan, organic, free-range, flavorless sauce?

    1. “Is the brown sauce some trendy, Californian, vegan, organic, free-range, flavorless sauce?”

      Nope. Good old Heartland of America rust sauce.

      If you haven’t tried shrimp with rust sauce, well… it’s an acquired taste.

        1. I’m thinking a cartoon shrimp-barrow Torchinsky original screen printed on a t-shirt and the following text: “I survived the Autopian Shrimp-barrow 2022 and all I got was this lousy t-shirt and intestinal distress”

  5. Stupid shrimp eating party wheelbarrow eating no Adrian inviting let’s hold it after he goes home stupid British sucker no shrimp no wheelbarrow make Adrian something something.

    I hope you all choke. Or get food poisoning. Or get run over by a wheelbarrow. Or eaten by a ginormous people eating shrimp.

        1. Shrimp should be dredged in cornflour, fried and dipped in spicy dipping sauce (equal parts soy mirin and lime juice, allllll the green chillies garlic and ginger, blitzed with a big spoonful of honey, for instance).

          Not served pink on ice with, one assumes, some horrid, flesh-coloured gloop and available only for the Cousins. That sounds like the most frightfully infra dig way of going about it, I must say.

    1. One day, the ancient shrimp demons will awaken and crawl forth from their earthly tombs, tentacles a-blazin’, out to seek vengeance on every freeloadin’ automotive journalist who didn’t even give their smaller kinfolk the dignity of a good fry before loading them into their slack, slobbering jaws, mashing them into a sad, pink pulp and digesting them.

      My bet’s on Tuesday.

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