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The Autopian is the ultimate car-culture website run by obsessive car nerds who want nothing more than to make people laugh while teaching them about geeky car minutiae. Founded by the two most-read Jalopnik writers ever, Jason Torchinsky (an artist and comedian) and David Tracy (an automotive engineer) — along with prolific businessman/TV personality Beau Boeckmann — the site places a strong focus on technical expertise, leveraging industry insiders to provide key insight into the automotive world.

But as detailed as things get at The Autopian, the site’s main focus is to create fun, engaging content that fosters an inclusive, close-knit automotive community.

Beau, David, and Jason literally created the website’s mission statement while sitting in a 1901 Sunbeam-Mabley, surrounded by postwar microcars like a Messerschmitt Tiger (see image above). That mission statement, by the way, is:

The Autopian exists to serve the car enthusiast community by creating content that informs and entertains, while celebrating the unifying quality of automobiles.

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Editorial Independence

Editorial independence is crucial to The Autopian. Our editorial operations are fully independent from our parent company, as we seek to be an industry leader in transparency, ethics and reader accountability. Business decisions and relationships do not interfere with editorial operations; a wall exists between our business side and our content side. If any editorial project or story features any involvement from an outside company, we mandate that it will be disclosed to our readers.

From time to time, our staff members and contributors may accept travel for junkets or cars and other products for evaluative purposes only. Our policy is to always fully disclose when an entity we cover is funding travel, meals or providing test units.

Staff and contributors may only accept and use press vehicles or products meant for testing when there is an editorial reason to create content about those things.

Affiliate Disclosure

Additionally, some stories at The Autopian may include links to featured products on Amazon or other online retailers. When you click on these links and purchase products, The Autopian may earn a small percentage of the purchase price as a referral fee.