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What Is Every Automaker’s Best Vehicle?

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Some days I choose violence. Other days I choose chaos. Today is a chaos day because today’s Autopian Asks wants to know: What do you think is the best vehicle made by each and every automaker (or, least the ones that come to mind). I’m serious. I have a list. A list!

“Best” is extremely subjective, and it would be great if you could explain all of your reasons. It’s also completely fine not to explain at all. The goal here isn’t to just think of your favorite cars from each automaker, the question is: what’s the best car that company has ever produced? It will be contentious. I want contentious. I want us to have fun.

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

Here’s a list to start with, but feel free to add and subtract:

  • Tesla:
  • Toyota:
  • Porsche:
  • Mercedes-Benz:
  • BMW
  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • Jeep
  • VW
  • Ferrari
  • Honda
  • Ford
  • Chevy
  • GMC
  • Buick
  • Pontiac
  • Cadillac
  • Hyundai
  • Kia
  • Nissan
  • Rivian
  • Subaru
  • Renault
  • Volvo
  • Peugeot
  • Mazda
  • Mitsubishi
  • Aston Martin
  • Audi

And here are my answers, which are nonsense because I’m a nonsense person:

  • Tesla: Model Y, the most important EV to date
  • Toyota: Toyota MR-2 Turbo (SW20), fun Toyota but also good Toyota
  • Porsche: W124 Mercedes-Benz 500 E, fast sedans are so much fun [Ed Note: Apparently this was developed by Porsche, but the real correct answer is the modern 911. It is objectively the best version of the best model Porsche has ever made. Or maybe the Cayenne is the answer based on sales figures… -DT]. 
  • Mercedes-Benz: W124 Mercedes-Benz 500 E, fast sedans are so much fun
  • BMW: E39, the best fast sedan
  • Chrysler: Town & Country, it’s a legend and saved the company
  • Alfa Romeo: Original Giulia, the best of Alfa
  • Dodge: 1st Gen Viper, just look at it
  • Jeep: CJ-7, maybe I’m trolling David [Ed Note: It’s clearly either the WWII Jeep, the XJ Cherokee, or the JK Wrangler; there are no other answers. -DT]. 
  • VW: Rabbit GTI, the company stopped being just cheap cars
  • Ferrari: 400i, maybe this is personal
  • Honda: Honda Integra Type R DC2, so good
  • Ford: Escort Cosworth RS, also so good
  • Chevy: 1992 Chevy Silverado, an all-time best treak
  • GMC: 1992 GMC Sierra, same
  • Buick: GNX, remember when Buicks were cool?
  • Pontiac: G8 ST, though no one has ever driven one
  • Cadillac: CTS-V Wagon, the only thing better than a fast sedan is a world-beating wagon
  • Hyundai: 1st gen, manual Veloster N
  • Kia: Carnival, I will not explain further
  • Nissan: R33 GT-R, technology and style
  • Rivian: R1T, they only make two cars so…
  • Subaru: Original Outback, important and kinda fun
  • Renault: R5, it got the country on its feet and people still like the them today
  • Volvo: 240 Wagon, I mean c’mon
  • Peugeot: 505 Dangel 4×4, I mean c’mon
  • Mazda: Mazda MP3, look it up
  • Mitsubishi: Pajero Evo, Dakar cars are great
  • Aston Martin: Virage Shooting Brake, I’m a weirdo
  • Audi: QSW, the blueprint (when it works)

Ok, your turn.



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Harvey Park
Harvey Park
4 months ago

Buick: 1990s Roadmaster Wagon. It’s SO BIG.

Chevy: corvette, or 1990s impala SS.

Mercedes: 190 gullwing, 280SL, 560SL, 560SEC, 190, 450SEL 6.9, and the most recent AMG v12. I’m a bit of a fan.

Tesla: the model S because it made EVs real as opposed to super niche, limited utility second cars

Toyota: Prius, for kickstarting the hybrid thing. Hilux, obvs. Supra?

Nissan: Pulsar. Duh.

Jaguar: XJS V12. Perfection.

Ford Europe: Scorpio. Or Sierra RS Cosworth.

Aston Martin: the Lagonda, because I’m a troll.

Chrysler: that minivan thing they introduced ages ago.

Saturn: Sky. They thought different. And failed :/

Honda: Civic for its sheer transformational power on the US market.

Toyota: Camry, for the Dent ™️

GMC: none, they’re just tarted up Chevys.

Cadillac: CTS-V wagon. Duh.

Isuzu: Vehicross. They thought different. And failed, too.

Jeep: none. Fight me.

Dodge: none. Maybe the Aries.

BMW: 635CSI. The quintessential BMW look and driver focus.

Ford US: Panther Crown Vic. Probe. They thought different. And had moderate success.

Mercury: Cougar. All gens. Even the silly last one.

Lincoln: Continental Mk VII and Mk V. Big. Pretty. Stout.

Lexus: SC430. Beautiful then and now.

Ram: the mid 1990s Ram pickup. It changed everything in truck design.

Citroen: the DS21 and later the SM and XM. Beautiful, innovative, and weird.

Peugeot: none. Maybe the 205GTI? It had quite the following. Maybe the 404 convertible Columbo drove.

Audi: none. I so wish they weren’t so terrible.

Volvo: 940 wagon. A 6’7″ friend had one. Epic car.

Last edited 4 months ago by Harvey Park
David Escargot
David Escargot
4 months ago

Tesla: Model S – I like big sedans
Toyota: Early 79 series LandCruiser… 1hd-fte ftw
Porsche: 911… obvs
Mercedes-Benz: Unimog… the ultimate do it all
BMW: e36 3 series… a whole lotta fun for cheap
Chrysler: E49 Valiant Charger… google it
Dodge: 5th gen Viper… no explanation needed
Jeep: TJ Wrangler… SWB and straight 6
VW: V10 Toureg… if it’s unreliable it may as well be fast
Ferrari: F40… the ultimate… apparently
Honda: 2006 Honda Odyssey… idk why
Ford: AU Falcon Ute… google it
Chevy: 1973 El Camino SS… never seen one but they seem cool
GMC: a brand new sierra… idk why
Buick: Grand National GNX obvs
Pontiac: 69 GTO
Cadillac: 50s DeVille or New Escalade
Hyundai: the Imax N drift van
Kia: Stinger GT
Nissan: R32 GTR
Rivian: IDK… haven’t looked
Subaru: 22B
Renault: Clio V6
Volvo: 840?? Turbo
Peugeot: 206 rallye
Mazda: FD RX7
Mitsubishi: MK Triton
Aston Martin: DB12
Audi: S4 Quattro
FPV: F6 310 sedan

4 months ago

Tesla: Roadster – I think a lot of things would’ve been better off if Tesla stopped here.
Toyota: Corolla AE101 – It’s perfect at being exactly what it was meant to be.
Porsche: 993 – the end of an era.
Mercedes-Benz: W123 – bulletproof and capable, people have tried to convince me the 124 is as well, but they always look like they’re begging to be put to sleep when I see them.
BMW: E60 M5 – I know they’ve got their problems, but if I judged BMW for having problems, I wouldn’t have an answer. The E60 is stunning though, and it houses that V10 without the body design suffering one bit for it.
Chrysler: Neon – I’m giving this to Chrysler because Dodge has options.
Dodge: 6th gen Charger – Hot take, but you can’t deny that it was a damn capable car and Dodge really did a lot with it during its run and if it wasn’t the best, how did it replace the Crown Vic as generic cop car #1, hm?
Jeep: CJ-7 – It’s literally the Jeep.
VW: Mk4 Golf – They just kinda, worked? The Mk5 is a nightmare in comparison, though significantly nicer to look at.
Ferrari: F40 – it just is.
Honda: NSX – it’s a masterpiece, practicality be damned.
Ford: AU Falcon – there’s going to be a theme here of me labelling bulletproof sedans as the best car from a brand, especially if they also come as a wagon, but it’s a RWD full size sedan that refuses to die, that’s the ticket.
Chevy: C3 Corvette – I mean, they’re just gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.
GMC: C/K – Right?
Buick: Riviera Boat-tail – Just another downright gorgeous design.
Pontiac: G8 – The second time we gave you the best Pontiac.
Cadillac: Cien – Cowards.
Hyundai: i30 N sedan – The front still hasn’t grown on me, but man, they are just unapologetic and I love it.
Kia: Stinger GT – I’m still mad they canned this thing.
Nissan: R32 Skyline – Not the GTR specifically, but the whole generation, it shaped the following 2 generations, introduced the most well known Nissan engine there is and looked damn good doing it.
Rivian: R1T – this seemed, easy?
Subaru: BP Liberty – an equally stunning sedan and wagon without all the fanboyism of the Impreza.
Renault: Trafic X82 – a weird one I know, but the Trafic seems to be the only reliable Renault I know of, and it can also be bought in Nissan, Mitsubishi, Opel and Fiat guise and I think that proves something.
Volvo: 200 series – the brick is an icon for a reason.
Peugeot: 205 T16 – I had to slip a homologation special in here somewhere.
Mazda: Miata Is Always The Answer?
Mitsubishi: Lancer Evolution VI – The evolutionary peak if you ask me.
Aston Martin: 1977 V8 Vantage – I wish Aston Martin had stayed with their British muscle car styling and not moved to generic sports car styling, as much as I do appreciate the DB7 onwards cars too.
Audi: RS2 Avant – Inline 5 wagon, co-developed with Porsche. Best.

Harvey Park
Harvey Park
4 months ago
Reply to  FlavouredMilk

Why W123 and not W126?

4 months ago
Reply to  Harvey Park

There’s no wagon option and also no plastic bumpered car is the best Mercedes.

Last edited 4 months ago by FlavouredMilk
Phantom Pedal Syndrome
Phantom Pedal Syndrome
4 months ago

Toyota: Corolla.

My grandma had one.
My mom had one.
My coworker, neighbor, aunt, friend, roommate, lover… ad infinitum, have or had one.
I have one.
So does my wife.

They are pretty much Toyota’s Beetle at this point.

Last edited 4 months ago by Phantom Pedal Syndrome
4 months ago

Lotus: Elise
Toyota: 70 series Land Cruiser
Ford: F-150
Chevrolet: Corvette
Mazda: Miata
Tesla: Roadster
Buick: Grand National
Nissan: Hardbody
Kawasaki: Ninja
Yamaha: TW200
Ducati: Monster
Lamborghini: Countach
Fiat: 500
Mercedes: 500E
Mercury: Cougar
Pontiac: Fiero
Plymouth: Prowler
Mitsubishi: Evo
Subaru: WRX
AMC: Gremlin
(Got tired, so ending here)

Ricardo Mercio
Ricardo Mercio
4 months ago

Citroen: SM hands down, the DS didn’t need an evolution, but it did deserve one, and the SM absolutely delivered.

Lamborghini: Between the Countach and the Gallardo, it depends on whether you want the best at being a Lamborghini or the best at being a car

Ferrari: The 365/4 Daytona is the final evolution of the uncompromising V12 GT as Enzo intended it, the Maranello came just a bit too late to get his signature and the BB’s we got in between were deeply compromised for packaging.

MG: the B, it’s the obvious answer for a good reason.

Mini: The Original Cooper, it lasted several decades and it’s been downhill ever since.

Audi: B5 A4 Avant, the blend of practicality, performance and design is just perfect, the Volkswagen 1.8T is also a superb engine for a midsize estate, plenty of torque while remaining efficient and reliable.

Lotus: The Elise is unquestionably peak Lotus, just the base Elise.

Dodge: I love the Viper, and it’s my *favorite* Dodge, but I’d have to say the the Charger Daytona is the apex of Dodge being ahead of the competition.

Porsche: I’d specify further that it’s the BASE 911, regardless of interior and gearbox, a Carrera 2 is the best Porsche. I’d place the 997 at the peak, as the last car to have both a naturally aspirated engine and good steering. The 991 introduced EPAS, and by the time they figured the system out, they had transitioned to a 3.0L turbo. I’d also put the 964 in close contention, as the air cooled cars were dry-sumped and therefore just as reliable on track as they were on the road.

Alpine: It’s hard to argue with the A110, the only car to make swing axles handle truly great rather than just adequate.

Aston Martin: DB9, I won’t elaborate.

Fiat: the original Panda

But enough answers, here’s a new question that turns it all upside-down: What’s the most *important* car each manufacturer has made?

Harvey Park
Harvey Park
4 months ago
Reply to  Ricardo Mercio


Citroen 15, then the 2CV
Renault 5
Ford F-150 or Mustang
Chevy Suburban or Corvette
Cadillac Deville or Escalade
Toyota Prius (first mainstream hybrid) or Corolla (took over the US market)
VW Beetle obviously
Tesla S (first mainstream EV)
Ferrari – so many, maybe the Testarossa? Or Dino?
Honda Civic
Porsche 911
Mercedes W123 maybe, they sold so many of those
Hyundai – none yet, they wisely spun Genesis off
Jeep Cherokee made Jeep acceptably suburban
Fiat 126 (just what Europe needed at the time)
Trabant (ditto, for the Eastern Bloc)
BMW – hard to choose, either the 2002 or the first gen 3 series that really put them on the map for normies

Last edited 4 months ago by Harvey Park
4 months ago

Dodge: Sorry to rain on your parade, Matt, but the Viper is not the best vehicle Dodge manufactured. Watch a few of SuperFastMatt’s videos on Matt’s misguided but amazing attempt to lift a Viper. His commentary about the Viper’s build quality and engineering are eye-opening. True, the Viper is sexy and fun to drive for short distances. The second generation Charger get my vote.

Jeep: Hard to argue with David about his choice of the XJ, and I understand his pride in helping engineer the JK. But the sweet spot is the TJ. (Yes, I own one, so I’m biased.)

Mercedes: W123 or TN1. I own a VS30 and admire the TN1’s simplicity.

Mazda: Miata any generation.

Hyundai/Kia: Nothing until the company sorts its dealership network, child labor and quality issues.

Subaru: 1978-1986 Brat

Chevy: The Bishop’s third-generation Corvair. Technically didn’t exist except on this Web site, but it still gets my vote.

4 months ago
  • Tesla: Model 3 even though it rides like a skateboard.
  • Toyota: FJ60
  • Porsche: ’78 911sc through ’89 911 Carrera
  • Mercedes-Benz: W123 Haven’t liked a Benz since.
  • BMW: 1979 320i BMWs were hobby cars in USA before this one.
  • Jeep: XJ Cherokee World class
  • VW: First gen Scirocco because it’s so good looking.
  • Honda: 2nd Gen Odyssey.
  • Ford: 1st gen Euro Fiesta
  • Chevy: 2nd gen Camaro
  • Buick: 66-67 Riviera
  • Pontiac: 68-69 LeMans, GTO
  • Cadillac: 1967 Eldorado
  • Hyundai: Ionic 6
  • Nissan: 240Z
  • Subaru: 1997 Outback
  • Renault: Renault 4 France on wheels.
  • Volvo: 240 Wagon
  • Peugeot: 504 Wagon
  • Mazda: 1st gen Miata
  • Mitsubishi: Montero (2 door!)
  • Aston Martin: DB5
  • Audi: 4000 Quattro
  • Citroen: XM
  • Jaguar: E-type
R53 Lifer
R53 Lifer
4 months ago

Just stopping by to stir the pot…

Mini: R53 Cooper S

BMW: E60 sedan. yep, really.

Plymouth: 90s Voyager w/ woodgrain (one vacation the transmission crapped out & we came home in a new car…)

Jeep: WJ Grand Cherokee (2x solid axles in a family SUV until 2004, plus the 4.0!)

Acura: 90-93 Integra

Slow Joe Crow
Slow Joe Crow
4 months ago

To light some fires, Mercedes-Benz: tie between the Unimog and the Actros
Citroën CX
Volkswagen A1 GTI/Scirocco GTI
Honda Accord gen 2
Mazda ND Miata

Slow Joe Crow
Slow Joe Crow
4 months ago
Reply to  Slow Joe Crow

forgot to mention the best BMW is the R1200RT

Ross Troutman
Ross Troutman
4 months ago

Not going to do the whole list but Ford must be the F-150. Here in North America it is “the” truck which means it is “the” vehicle and has been for 40 years.

4 months ago
Reply to  Ross Troutman

I understand selecting the F150 because of its importance to Ford. If you have the opportunity, which I have over the last 5 years or so, side-by-side compare Ford, Dodge/Ram, GM and Toyota. The interior materials, NVH, and off-road ability in even higher-spec Fords pales in comparison. I’m not a anti-Ford (or pro-something else) guy. When I get out of a Ford and immediately hop into, say, a Ram I can’t figure why the Ford truck line is so popular.

Matt Smith
Matt Smith
4 months ago
  • Honda: Z50R — design, nostalgia, and pure, unadulterated joy
4 months ago

Best? Or most important? Or is there a difference?

  • Tesla: Model S – proved electric can work
  • Toyota: Hylux – Seen the world over, except here
  • Porsche: 911 – keep iterating until it works (and it works well)
  • Mercedes-Benz: W123 Did everything great
  • BMW – M3/M5: Once a sedan could go toe-to-toe with a hypercar, perspectives changed.
  • Chrysler: Town & Country
  • Dodge: Idunno, but it was built in 1972
  • Jeep: One of the CJs… there is no Jeep without the CJ.
  • VW: Want to say GTI, but the answer is the Type-1
  • Ferrari: Testarossa, because that was on the poster.
  • Lamborghini: Countach, because that was on the poster.
  • Honda: Original NSX (it was a Honda everywhere else)
  • Ford: F150. (but it should be GT-40)
  • Chevy: Corvette
  • GMC: Really?
  • Buick: Idunno, but it was built in the 1950’s
  • Pontiac: Idunno, but it was built in 1972
  • Cadillac: CTS-V wagon. Once a Wagon could go toe-to-toe with a hypercar, perspectives changed.
  • Nissan: the Datsun 240Z
  • Subaru: Original outback – ahead of the curve on AWD
  • Renault: LeCar. (I don’t know Renaults, so there you go)
  • Saab: 1980’s 9-3 turbo convertible.
  • Peugeot The Citroen DS
  • Mazda: Miata
  • Mitsubishi: probably the Evo
  • Aston Martin: DB5
  • Audi: Quattro
4 months ago

It’s easy to wax poetic on historical models, but so many quality improvements have been made in the decades that even Toyota’s cars from the ’90s are eclipsed by those of those today.

4 months ago
Reply to  Spikedlemon

True, but this is kind of like the “who’s the best (name your sport) player” question. Obviously, today’s players are better fed, trained, conditioned, and treated and are generally bigger, faster and stronger than their predecessors, but you have to look at these things within the context of eras, too. In that context, classic cars can compete with modern cars as the “best,” just like older era athletes.

4 months ago

The best vehicle Toyota ever made was the 80-series Land Cruiser. It was gifted with eternal life, and shocking off-road ruggedness.

4 months ago

Toyota: everything they made in the 90s
Porsche: 914
M-B: W116
BMW: Isetta
VW: Taro, or if that doesn’t count, Thing
Ferrari: Mondial
Honda: S2000
Ford: German Capri and Australian Falcon
GM: Pontiac Vibe GT and Geo/Chevy Prizm
Hyundai: Atos
Kia: Elan
Subaru: Justy
Renault: either the Espace or Twingo
Volvo: S40/V40
Mitsubishi: Mighty Max
Mazda: Miata, duh 😛
Peugeot: 1007
Aston-Martin: Cygnet
Chrysler: Turbine
Fiat: Sedici
Suzuki: Tracker/Vitara
Audi: Fox
Nissan: Micra
Citroen: Xantia

4 months ago
Reply to  Dogisbadob

You started out strong, and then…

I mean, the Cygnet?

4 months ago
Reply to  Spikedlemon

The Cygnet is a Toyota, so it is the best Aston ever made 😛

Toyota > Ford any day 😀

Last edited 4 months ago by Dogisbadob
4 months ago
Reply to  Dogisbadob

It’s impenetrable logic.

4 months ago

You forgot AMC, and the answer is Eagle.

Last edited 4 months ago by Ricki
Mr Sarcastic
Mr Sarcastic
4 months ago

Really that long list and yet 3 cars I have owned are not listed here so Mr chaos my list is manufacturer my car then there best car
1. AMC Javelin Eagle
2. Jensen Jensen Healy Intercepter
3. Isuzu Vehicross Vehicross

4 months ago
Reply to  Mr Sarcastic

Studebaker Avanti.

Mr Sarcastic
Mr Sarcastic
4 months ago

Yes more

Harvey Park
Harvey Park
4 months ago
Reply to  Mr Sarcastic

I’m 100% with you on 1 and 3

4 months ago
  • Toyota: 3000 GT
  • Porsche: 930 Turbo – slant nose
  • Mercedes-Benz: If they had produced it, would be the CW-111, but they didn’t, so 300 SL gullwing
  • BMW: M1
  • VW: tie – Karmann Ghia cabriolet and The Thing
  • Ferrari: California 250 SWB (Bueller? Bueller?)
  • Honda: CBX 1000 (I6 motorcycle?!?)
  • Ford: GT40/GT
  • Chevy: 63 Split Window
  • Buick: GNX
  • Pontiac: 77 Screaming Chicken in Bandit livery
  • Cadillac: any with a V16
  • Hyundai: Kia Stinger
  • Kia: Stinger
  • Nissan: Datsun 240Z
  • Subaru: XT
  • Renault: 5 Turbo
  • Volvo: 1800S
  • Mazda: NB RX7
  • Mitsubishi: Starion Turbo (wide body)
  • Aston Martin 5, DB5
  • Audi: “Fire up the Quattro!”
Jacob Rippey
Jacob Rippey
4 months ago

Tesla: Model S. Really jump started the EV craze.

Toyota: The Land Cruiser (any of them, Prados included). They are the vehicles that best exemplify what Toyota can build. I tend to like the 100 and 200 series for comfort and power, but the 90 series Prado currently has my heart.

Porsche: Boxster Spyder. The style and driving experience is mostly unrivaled. Add the Deman engine upgrade and Chef’s kiss.

Mercedes-Benz: The Unimog…for reasons. Can your G wagon have a backhoe attachment? I think not. Second place to the iconic gullwing.

BMW: Z8. These are truly beautiful and came from a good BMW Era. The steering wheel alone sells this car. Values agree.

Chrysler Turbine Car: Yes, I love that Chrysler saw fit to lease people a jet powered car… and they were awesome. Sad the tech never stuck.

Dodge: 1969 Charger Daytona. Who doesn’t love a homologation special that also was one of the first cars to do 200mph. The fact that Dodge was so desperate to win Nascar that they sold a production car with a giant wing and nose cone is bananas.

Jeep TJ Wrangler. This was kind of the greatest hits for the Wrangler of having both the 4.0 and coil springs (and the rubicon model with lockers!). It was more comfortable but not too comfortable. Extra points for a LJ Rubicon. Even more points for any of the AEV special TJ builds.

VW: Original Beetle. This car mobilized the public and was a cultural revolution.

Ferrari: F40. Amazing car for the period and the final one that Enzo signed off on. It is truly an icon of its time.

Honda Fit. PEOPLE SLEEP ON THESE! Such a clever car.

Ford: F-150 Raptor R. This is the pinnacle of American truck. 37’s included. Supercharger noises. Second place goes to the Excursion 7.3.

Chevy Corvette (any of them). They are an American Icon. Extra points to the C2 ’63 split window for being extra pretty.

GMC 2500 Yukon XL with Quadrasteer. I want one…bad…with an LBZ swap.

Buick Roadmaster Wagon. Who doesn’t love a hot rod wagon with Vette power. Wood paneling included.

Pontiac: 1964 GTO. Some consider this the original muscle car. Add that with the John DeLorean connection and it becomes even cooler.

Cadillac CTS-V Wagon. Ultimate Car Guy special. Especially with the Manual.

Hyundai Elantra N: Really cool enthusiast special with a factory exhaust that pisses off the state of California. The blue paint option doesn’t hurt either.

Kia: Stinger. Everyone who owns one of these loves it.

Nissan R34 GTR. Godzilla nickname and unobtanium status make this seriously cool. Gran Turismo tunes intensify.

Rivian: RT1, because gear tunnel and camp kitchen

Subaru Legacy GT Wagon: Name a normie car that still looks this good after 20 or so years.

Volvo V60 T6 Polestar: Volvo’s best styling and engine combined in a WAGON. Second place for the C30 T5 6MT.

Mazda NA Miata: The quintessential roadster.

Mitsubishi Evo (any of them). Who doesn’t love a good rally homologation sh*t box?

Aston Martin: DB5. Original Bond car and oh so cool years later.

Audi R8. First gen Audi R8 with the gated manual was and will forever be my poster car. Still looks good all these years later.

Last edited 4 months ago by Jacob Rippey
4 months ago
Reply to  Jacob Rippey

BMW Z8, hands down. Agreed!

4 months ago

Infiniti’s best car has to be the G35 (although the M45 is close to my heart)

Jonee Eisen
Jonee Eisen
4 months ago
  • Tesla: Roadster – it’s the only fun one
  • Toyota: Publica – it’s cute and put a lot of people in Japan on wheels
  • Porsche: 928 because it looks like a sporty Pacer
  • Mercedes-Benz: 207d it’s a handsome workhorse
  • BMW: Isetta no explanation necessary
  • Chrysler: Cordoba ditto
  • Dodge: 1961 Dart – love the weird fins
  • Jeep: Scrambler for obvious reasons
  • VW: XL1 – this is what we all should have been driving this millennium
  • Ferrari: 308 Have they made other models?
  • Honda: Z600 – one of the best cars I ever owned
  • Ford: Fiesta Mk1 – wonderful little car
  • Chevy: C2 Corvette – maybe the coolest American car ever
  • GMC: Caballero – the better El Camino
  • Buick: Invicta – looks like Mothra
  • Pontiac: Grand Safari wagon with the clamshell tailgate. Best wagon ever
  • Cadillac: 1915 Type 51 with the V8 – they never improved on this car
  • Hyundai: 2000 Tiburon – so aggressively ugly I still can’t believe it
  • Kia: Stinger – cool car
  • Nissan: Datsun 620 Truck – it’s so weird
  • Rivian: sure
  • Subaru: 360 – the greatest car of all time
  • Renault: R4 – Renault took the idea behind the 2CV and made it more practical
  • Volvo: C30 – I loved mine. Fun and handsome
  • Peugeot: 104 – fantastic little hatchback
  • Mazda: R360 – A V-Twin powered kei car that is so good looking
  • Mitsubishi: 1st gen. Minica – an underrated kei car
  • Aston Martin: Virage
  • Audi: 100 Coupe S – the prettiest car they ever made
4 months ago
  • Tesla: model 3, democratized the electric car, somewhat
  • Toyota: Land Cruiser, FJ80
  • Porsche: 911, 997 for manual availability
  • Mercedes-Benz: 80’s S-class.
  • BMW: e39 M5
  • Chrysler: 300, the 2nd generation 50’s one
  • Dodge: The last generation viper
  • Jeep: CJ5, for personal reasons
  • VW: Beetle, duh
  • Ferrari: F50. The last V12 mid engine car with a stick shift
  • Honda: S2000
  • Ford: F-150
  • Chevy: C7 corvette
  • GMC: Topkick Transformer edition (just because)
  • Buick: The Riveria
  • Pontiac: G8 GXP
  • Oldsmobile: Jetfire with the Turbo V8 and TurboRocket liquid
  • Cadillac: The original CTS-V
  • Hyundai: THe original Genesis sedan, showed that they could make a real car
  • Kia: Stinger
  • Nissan: R32 GTR
  • Rivian: ????
  • Subaru: Pre 2007 WRX when they still had limited slip rear diffs
  • Renault: ???
  • Volvo: the 240
  • Peugeot:
  • Mazda: The Last RX7 turbo
  • Mitsubishi: 300GT VR4 because Gran Turismo 1
  • Aston Martin: DB3
  • Audi: R8 V8 manual
Harvey Park
Harvey Park
4 months ago
Reply to  DrDanteIII

Renault is R5 hands down, with honorable mentions for the R4, Dauphine, and Espace.

Óscar Morales Vivó
Óscar Morales Vivó
4 months ago
  • Tesla: Model S. It proved the world that electric cars could work and be desirable (independently of the fact that I don’t care for them).
  • Toyota: I’m going to say the MR2 because I’m just so glad that it exists.
  • Porsche: Boxster/Cayman. The better car, the one that is a lot more affordable and the one that saved the company.
  • Mercedes-Benz: I have no opinion here.
  • BMW: Z8
  • Chrysler: None memorable enough for me to remember here.
  • Dodge: Caravan. Someone had to go and build the first modern minivan.
  • Jeep: The first ones.
  • VW: I’m going to say the Golf Wagon because I’ve had three. Perfect single car that can do almost anything for a reasonable price.
  • Ferrari: I’m going to say the F40 for max iconic.
  • Honda: Civic. The best normal car for most people.
  • Ford: F150.
  • Chevy: Look I didn’t grow in the US and the modern lineup doesn’t register.
  • GMC: They do make American cars yes.
  • Buick: Nicer American cars? I’m sure they are nice.
  • Pontiac: Aztek. They tried to do something differen and failed. Gotta respect that.
  • Cadillac: Nicest American cars. I remember a couple but not their model names.
  • Hyundai: I love the weird Veloster with asymmetrical doors.
  • Kia: Soul. Cheap box on wheels that no one else is making these days.
  • Nissan: I like their current Z.
  • Rivian: They have one car. It’s nice if expensive.
  • Subaru: the WRX is dumb but I’m glad it’s there.
  • Renault: Scénic. Started a category in Europe even if it has been subsumed into CUVs.
  • Volvo: Their 80s boxes will always live in my heart. Some of them outside as well.
  • Peugeot: 208. I just like it.
  • Mazda: Miata is the answer.
  • Mitsubishi: ????????‍♂️
  • Aston Martin: Most people only know one car from them. I like their other one.
  • Audi: I’m going to say the TT RS because I have one.

And now for the truly exotic:

  • SEAT: I liked the first gen Leon.
  • Lucid: Air What the more expensive Teslas claim to be.
4 months ago

Might I propose the Chrysler Airflow?
and the ‘65 Buick GS (gotta be in Seafoam Green, though)

Jacob Rippey
Jacob Rippey
4 months ago
Reply to  TOSSABL

The Chrysler Turbine Cars were neat too!

4 months ago
Reply to  Jacob Rippey

Got to see one in IRL at our art museum a few years back—and it was even cooler in person.

-I absolutely missed that one

Last edited 4 months ago by TOSSABL
Óscar Morales Vivó
Óscar Morales Vivó
4 months ago
Reply to  Jacob Rippey

Ah I saw one of those in person last year! Definitely should qualify.

Óscar Morales Vivó
Óscar Morales Vivó
4 months ago

Let’s add a couple entries I missed:

  • Mercedes-Benz: 1980s Diesel cars that Will. Not. Die. have to be it.
  • Chrysler: The turbine car was very cool to see in person and running. I forgot that it was a Chrysler.
Harvey Park
Harvey Park
4 months ago

1975-1995 Mercedes are untouchable.

4 months ago

* Tesla: Roadster
* Toyota: FJ35 Land Cruiser
* Porsche: Boxster
* Mercedes-Benz: 300SL Roadster
* BMW: 2002 Tii
* Chrysler: 1965 Newport Convertible
* Dodge: 1968-70 Charger
* Plymouth: 1967-69 Barracuda
* Jeep: Willys MB
* VW: 1992 T3 Doka Transporter Syncro
* Ferrari: 1964 250 GT Lusso
* Honda: Element
* Ford: F150
* Chevy: 1956 Nomad
* GMC: Motorhome
* Buick: 1963 Riviera
* Pontiac: 1967-68 Firebird Sprint
* Cadillac: 1958 Eldorado Biarritz
* Oldsmobile: 1966 Toronado
* Hyundai: Santa Cruz
* Kia: Sedona
* Nissan: 240 GT
* Rivian: R1-T
* Subaru: BRAT
* Renault: Avantime
* Volvo: P1800 ES
* Peugeot: RCZ
* Mazda: RX-7 (1st gen)
* Mitsubishi: Mighty Max
* Aston Martin: DB5
* Audi: A7
* Saab: 900 Turbo
* Triumph: TR6
* Jaguar: XKE
* Austin: Mini
* Alfa Romeo: Spider
* Fiat: X1/9
* Suzuki: Jimny

My Goat Ate My Homework
My Goat Ate My Homework
4 months ago
Reply to  Canopysaurus

what, if your gunna pick a Riveria it’s got to be a boattail, right?

Matt Smith
Matt Smith
4 months ago

the 65 has the clamshell lights… so that’s the obvious answer

My Goat Ate My Homework
My Goat Ate My Homework
4 months ago
Reply to  Matt Smith

oof, hard to argue with that. Those things are amazing.

Delta 88
Delta 88
4 months ago
Reply to  Canopysaurus

Goooooooood pick with the Firebird Sprint. That OHC I6 is so underrated

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