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2024 Ford Mustang: Everything We Know For Sure

2023 Mustang Mach E Premium Nite Pony Package 02

It’ll debut September 14th at the Detroit Auto Show.

[Editor’s note: Sorry. This was probably the most disappointing article in human history. But that’s pretty much all we know, per Ford’s press release today. Womp womp. For some rumors/leaked images, read our article from a while back. -DT]

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46 Responses

    1. Intriguingly, a rear wiper was an option on the very early Fox body hatchbacks.

      This combined with the blocky look of the (supposed) front-end pic that we’ve seen makes me think Ford is leaning back toward the ’80s style-wise with this one.

      Which makes sense, as the target demographic thinks Fox when they nostalgically think Mustang.

      So bring on the turbine wheels please!

      1. I was also thinking that it could have a liftback design if the rear deck is THAT short. Perhaps they realized one of the reasons the Dodge Challenger sells so well is its relative day-to-day practically compared to the the Mustang.

        Maybe the “bring back liftbacks on 2+2 sports cars!” vibes I (and others) have been sending into the automotive ether are finally starting to be felt where it counts! All it needs is a black metallic finish with gold decals and two-toned black and tan Recaro seats and I can have the 1983 Mercury Capri Black Magic I wish I could’ve been old enough to buy/drive new (except for the T-top…or maybe?)…

        1. If they’re going with a liftback design it might be because of the complaints over the length of the S550. It was the first Mustang to officially be sold globally, and it seems that global market didn’t appreciate the size. Especially the Europeans, since the last Mustang they got was the SN-95 in the mid ’90s, which was a full seven inches shorter than the S550.

          1. Oh great call – I’d forgotten all about those Capris!

            The rear hatch’s slightly convex glass was especially cool…gave the car its own Euro (dare I say French? Reminded me a little of the Renault Fuego’s) styling cue I thought. I also liked the TRX wheel. At the time that is…I am of course now aware of what a horrendous idea that was…

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  2. Knowing more would be irrelevant anyway, because Ford’s only going to be able to build enough to satisfy 1/5 of the demand, and those will all have $20,000 markups applied by the dealer. And whatever version people really want will be barely built at all, then have the order books closed.

  3. Don’t forget it will be stereotyped as a crowd killer, it will probably be quite expensive because what isn’t these days and it will probably look less like a Mustang and more like a generic coupe with a horse on the front and tri-bar lights on the back.

    I love my S197.

    1. I really do think (see my other thought) Ford is heading back to the ’80s with the design.

      Back in the day, the Fox bodies pretty much fit your description (and didn’t have the pony or the correct taillights, or even the door crease!) to a T. Probably the dangerous-in-many-hands thing was true too, b/c both no internet for bystanders or electronic helpers for drivers.

      But I get ya. I love my SN95…its biggest retro feature is a shockingly primitive driving experience for a car made in the 21st century.

      1. With apologies to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy:

        “Hey Mr. Pinstripe Horse!
        Hey Mr. Hidey-hidey Whoa,
        Well we know you got the answers,
        And we all wanna know!”

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