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Behold The Taillight Cookies: Cold Start

Cs Cookies3

Getting things ready for the Autopian Oasis at the Los Angeles Auto Show has been a pretty amazing but hectic experience: amazing because we found ourselves able to create a wonderful little car-lovers haven, and hectic because everything seemed to need to be done yesterday, ideally the day before, to make it all happen. So, when I was told there was a chance we could have the world’s first mass-produced Taillight Cookies, I was thrilled. I made some sketches, thinking they would be turned into actual cookies. I had no idea how right I was.

Cs Cookies1

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

You see, my sketches got literally turned into delicious cookies via baking tech I had no idea existed, something that seems to be an edible ink-jet printer. I thought I was making quick sketches for some bakers to follow as guides, but it turns out my actual sketches were printed on cookies.

But you know what? It worked!

Cs Cookies2


And as a result, we had the only taillight-themed cookies I’v ever seen, and I’ve looked. I made five different kinds: a ’68 Volkswagen Beetle taillight (Euro-spec, with amber indicator), a ’65 Ford Mustang taillight, a BMW 2002 taillight (round one, of course), a “box” taillight as you’d see on Jeeps and beer trucks and maybe a forklift, and a first-gen Mazda RX-7 taillight.

Look, here’s some video of the cookies, in an Instagram reel with a very unflattering cover image of me:

If you want one, we have some ready to give out if you come by the Autopian Oasis today or this weekend at the show! I’ll be there, along with David and Mercedes and Matt and Stephen! Come play Car Trivia and win an Autopian Certified Car Geek T-Shirt!

Here’s the map from the Shrimpbarrow event, but it still works:




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Fernando Astorga
Fernando Astorga
6 months ago

When I reached to the instagram window in the article, my browser asked me to Accept Cookie. Those weren´t tailight cookies. Mean browser 🙁

6 months ago

The fact that you all broke free and started this wonderful place has really hit home with the mess at your previous employer in the last few weeks (RIP Jezebel). Seeing you all dive into end of live EVs, explore the world of RVs and bake tail light cookies while really shows the value of your experiment and makes me proud to be a member.

Bongo Friendee Harvey Park
Bongo Friendee Harvey Park
6 months ago


Did you personally do quality control?

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