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Check Out Our New Autopian T-Shirts This Black Friday!

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Happy Black Friday! Be the coolest/strangest person at your local parking lot car meet or Harbor Freight with brand new shirts from our merch store. Do you like French cars? Obscure German marques? Swedish horror? The Sufferings of David Tracy? The rich culture of the Taillight Community? Oh boy, we’ve got shirts.

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We have eight new shirts for the holiday season and we’ve even added colors (!) for some of them. You can buy them here and support The Autopian while also looking fresh as hell.

[Editor’s Note: I’m excited about this batch of shirts for a few reasons: first, the Lumiere Rouge shirt is based on that famous taillight bar’s original shirt design from 1972, right before the big Taillight Bar Crackdown of the mid-’70s. Also, my wife Sally designed three of these shirts, two of which are particularly targeted at being hopefully a bit more appealing to our women Autopians, whom we welcome in this normally male-dominated field. But cars are for everyone, hence some more shirt variety.

Anyway, buy some shirts! Live a little! They’re great for both sheathing your torso and wiping up spills! – JT]

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