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Check Out Our New Autopian T-Shirts This Black Friday!

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Happy Black Friday! Be the coolest/strangest person at your local parking lot car meet or Harbor Freight with brand new shirts from our merch store. Do you like French cars? Obscure German marques? Swedish horror? The Sufferings of David Tracy? The rich culture of the Taillight Community? Oh boy, we’ve got shirts.

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We have eight new shirts for the holiday season and we’ve even added colors (!) for some of them. You can buy them here and support The Autopian while also looking fresh as hell.

[Editor’s Note: I’m excited about this batch of shirts for a few reasons: first, the Lumiere Rouge shirt is based on that famous taillight bar’s original shirt design from 1972, right before the big Taillight Bar Crackdown of the mid-’70s. Also, my wife Sally designed three of these shirts, two of which are particularly targeted at being hopefully a bit more appealing to our women Autopians, whom we welcome in this normally male-dominated field. But cars are for everyone, hence some more shirt variety. 

Anyway, buy some shirts! Live a little! They’re great for both sheathing your torso and wiping up spills! – JT]

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29 Responses

  1. Re: “Wires Are Delicious” —
    My wife’s PT has a current drain of some sort, so if we wait too long to use it, the battery’s dead. Sure enough, try to start tge other day & it won’t turn over. Go to jump it, & find a squirrel nest near the air filter housing! (Oh, no! We’ve had chewed wires before — not again?) Clean the nest out, jump the car, take it for a test drive.
    Works fine at low revs, but will not accelerate? (Coughing, hiccups, hesitancy, gagging . . . ) ODBII reader says something about “crank angle sensor”. I’m imagining the worst: squirrel has chewed wires & now yet MORE wrenching on my plate — arrgh!
    I let it charge a while at idle & turn it off. Next day, out for test drive and: Lo & behold! It’s working fine!
    Theory: low system voltage during early recharge caused flaky electronics issues — at full voltage life is better?
    (Does that make any sense?)

  2. That is very neat. Consider setting up a shop within the EU as well. We have some pretty strict trade barriers, which makes everything from outside very expensive.

    Which of course also means the we don’t get get so much cheap China crap anymore, which is nice for environmental issues. But getting classic car parts from the UK or cool T-shirts from the US has also been struck by that.

    1. +1 for the EU shop – no one likes surprise customs taxes – and EU-sized t-shirts. Last time I bought an American XL I was stuck with an EU triple-XL, not sure if it was mislabeled or if there’s actually a big size difference.

  3. I just bought two for me and one for a friend with a rodent wiring issue.

    May I suggest a darker palette for gearhead shirts, maybe grey or black, for obvious reasons. And, of course, rust for shirts featuring David.

      1. What a cool little car!
        Isn’t there some guy obsessed with rear oriented turn signals here that might explain the high mounted just behind the driver signal lights?
        Are these the missing link between traficator/semaphors and turn signals?
        I demand a three part series explaining this!

        1. Those do seem like indicator repeaters for visibility, but I think those weren’t that uncommon for a while, mounted like that where semaphores/trafficators used to be in older cars. I’m in no position to say whether the Olympia was pioneering those lights or if it was just another car that had them, but I agree they’re a lost link between earlier lighting setups and modern ones, probably a precursor for fender-mounted repeaters. I should say I really like repeaters in high-visibility spots and wouldn’t mind this trend to come back.

    1. Well, technically not a shooting brake, since it’s got the cargo area window split in two by a C-pillar. It’s a 3-door station wagon (2-door in places where the rear hatch doesn’t count as a door).

  4. Well are y’all gonna tell me what’s weird about that little three cylinder with the belt driven cam with the fan on the camshaft (!) what appears to be a transaxle (I think…) and… What the heck even is that U shaped thing? A coolant reservoir?

  5. I love ’em. HOWEVER, I’m going to get white shirts so dirty that DT will be impressed.
    Please add more with colors on the base shirt. The “Buy Rust” shirt itself should be rust colored, its a no-brainer.

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