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Citroën Is Making Another Batch Of Their Goofy $10,000 EV Beach Buggy

Amibuggy Top

This past summer, perpetually and gloriously weird carmaker Citroën announced a stripped-down version of their already gleefully minimalistic electric city car, the Ami, and called it the My Ami Buggy. They only made 50 of them, which they sold out of in 18 minutes. I take showers longer than that. Citroën seems to have noticed that people like these crazy things, so now they’re making 1,000 more, and they’ll go on sale first quarter of next year, which is also like 18 minutes away. Behold the My Ami Buggy II!

The My Ami Buggy II (the “My” there feels a little cloying, but whatever) is a lot like the first iteration: an Ami with the doors replaced by swing-out bars, an opening roof, and what looks like slightly more rugged wheels and tires.

The only picture in the press release is the one up there, but I did find this fun little video:

Looks good with the tire chains, I think! I’m not sure I’d want to drive it in the frigid interior of a snow globe, but you know, some people have more tolerance to cold. Citroen Ami

The My Ami Buggy II has the same specs as the normal city car version: 28 mph top speed, 46 miles of range from the 5.5kWh battery, and if it’s priced like the first one, should cost about €9,790, which is just over $10,000 American money-papers. Maybe a lot for a big toy, but not a lot for an EV, and, as my experience with the Changli has taught me, you can handle a shockingly large amount of your transportation needs with a pretty minimal EV.

Also, and I’m guessing here, but I think if you’re an American and want one, the official answer is merde dure.

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17 Responses

  1. Well also learned by the Changali they break down quickly and so useless not worth repairing. A beach buggy needs no roof, no doors, 4 seats, and the ability to attract an attractive person of the gender you wish. Sorry this thing is a dorkmobile you would expect to see Urkle driving around hitting coolers pets people with corresponding Did I do that?

    1. I think you would be very surprised by how much cool-factor something like this would have in certain circles. You and I and everyone else who remembers Family Matters are not exactly culturally relevant anymore.

      1. Also, I am pretty sure there are readers here who would be incredibly excited about Urkel’s car. It was a 1960 BMW Isetta 300, which is a pretty fun little quirky vehicle.

    1. Whatever your age, you’re supposed to wear your seatbelt at all times.
      However, if that would happen, europe is corporation protection paradise. We don’t get the same trials you got, in this case, the cie would probably be fined between 10/50k.

    1. I like to think that it just sounds more normal to the French. Kinda like how a lot of JDM car names would never work over here. You may be onto something, though! And hey, at least it’s bot the KD63J#2 or some other keyboard-mashing un-name.

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