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Cold Start: Is This From A Cult?


Look, I like Ramblers and fields of wildflowers and arty stacks of boxes with kicky graphic images of arrows and flowers and whatevers on them as much as anyone, but why do all the women standing around here feel like members of some creepy cult?

Maybe there’s too man pop culture tropes about being in remote fields with cult members standing and staring at you just prior to some strange ceremony that finds you naked and bound with a Chuck E Cheese mask on your head, facing dozens of True Believers with knives. Is that what Rambler was going for here?

That’s a lovely lady, but the strange calm intensity of her stare is making me uncomfortable. I’d like to leave. Now. Please. I’d like to leave now. People are expecting me. I need to go. I won’t get in the Rambler. I’m leaving, thanks.

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21 Responses

  1. Of course you can leave, Jason, anytime you like, but Jason, we know where you live, and we’ll be watching you, so go if you want to, just remember who we are.

  2. Anyone else kinda miss the auto ad trope of cars in strikingly odd places?

    Back in the 80s/90s, so common to see ad copy with a car in the surf or drifting across the desert.

    Also, the far horizon in this ad strongly implies there’s gigantic versions of those stacked boxes in the distance. Trippy.

  3. Well my young pups perhaps it’s time to familiarize the youth of today with the 70s movie The Stepford Wives. Yes there was a time a man went of to work and provided for the family and the wife took care of the home and children. Then women’s lib women having jobs god forbid so rich men with brainwashed young hot wives. Yeah it was a simpler time Pepperidge Farm remembers. Watch the movie a few old episodes of All in the Family, if it is even allowed on TV anymore. Yeah softcore porn no problem but no All in the Family or the real best of SNL. Trust be best of SNL does not include Will Farrel. Oh where was I? There was a time when the world thought man with a job and a wife who took care of the house was normal.

    1. We watch a fair amount of antenna TV and there are at least two channels we get that regularly show All In The Family. There’s also one that show’s old 70’s and 80’s gameshows. My wife and I are sometimes shocked at what they were able to get away with. People talking about TV being wholesome back then weren’t paying attention.

  4. In the dim and distant past, when I was a young pup a neighbor was a salesman for an AMC dealership. They had two cars, a green Javelin and an Ambassador nearly identical to the one in the ad. Every year for Christmas, I would receive as a gift from them one of those plastic models that the dealership gave away. I was usually a American. Ah, memories.

  5. Hmmm. Car is RHD. So must be some sexy northern European babes….Guessing Denmark, with the flowers…. Looking for a good time…. Bigger back seat than a Beetle….

    1. Probably Sweden, since they were the only Northern European country to use RHD. They changed in 1967. To the best of my knowledge they were never imported here to Ireland or the UK, so either the photo is reversed or they were scratching the itch of a VERY small market.

      1. I’m thinking Australia; Sweden drove on the left but bought LHD cars, whether American, German, British or domestic Saab/Volvo. In any case it’s likely a US-market picture with the negative flipped.

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