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Cold Start: The Mold And The Beautiful

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I’m here in Michigan, on Official Autopian Business with David, part of which involves using my old Scion xB for some dumb stuff. The car has been sitting in the moist Carolina atmosphere for, um, a while, and there seems to be a thriving fungal ecosystem inside. How do I know? Look at what the seat belt did to my shirt:

Ecd92f7a 96cc 4948 9dae 92378db2bd1eThat’s mold.
That’s revolting.
I was getting weird headaches even with all the windows open during the 10+ hour drive up here. I’m sure I’ve reduced my lifespan by a good few years here.

Anyway, expect fun stuff soon! And we’ll be trying to set up some reader meetups this week and maybe a trivia night, so stay tuned!


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35 Responses

  1. Had a significant mold infestation in one of my flipper cars recently .Several *weeks* of solid rain and it being a smoker’s car were factors.
    I thought the rear seat was a goner as there were still obvious marks after two washes/wet vacs.
    But a few more washes did the job.
    I recommend trying various cleaners until you find a good one. A spray can that foams won’t cut it

    1. I would like to see the fungus form a symbiotic bond with Torch. Imagine if he could shoot spores when startled, and grow small mushrooms behind his ears.

      1. “Imagine if he could shoot spores when startled, and grow small mushrooms behind his ears.”

        I thought he did that already? I just assumed the car got the mold infestation from him. Prove me wrong.

      1. In your defense (and I can’t believe I’m going to say this) they aren’t really shilling the merch store enough. I’m not advocating for full-width banner ads, or pre-roll videos! However, a small tasteful button (think 90×90 pixels), w/ a picture of a T-shirt and some text (“Cool Merch!” or “Don’t Drive Naked!”) to the side of the “powered by Optima” banner would not be too obtrusive and drive up awareness of the merch store.

  2. I’d enjoy seeing a pro detailer’s approach to mold removal. Maybe show it alongside David’s $2.73 cheapo turbojank method to really get that Autopian vibe.

  3. I love how American are taking such risks like if they have free healthcare :-). I wish you it wasn’t toxic and it’ll be ok. Once mold come, it’s hard to get rid of it definitively

    1. Don’t rely on the ozone machine too much. Ozone machines are generally awful because they ruin everything made of foam and plastic, including stuff you don’t see.

      They are more appropriate for “move the iron” used car dealers who don’t really care about the car once it’s gone.

      I’d rather do the work of cleaning the car manually and properly with quaternary sanitizers on soft surfaces, and diluted bleach on hard surfaces.

  4. OMG, I saw that picture and the circles, not until I read the paragraph did I realize that I saw the stain and my addled mind filled in the seatbelt!

  5. Well, it kinda makes sense. David has the corner on Rust, so now Torch has to corner something else, so he’s got the symbiotic relationship with Mold. I wonder what maladies the other writers will get stuck with…

  6. If you have more than one car you need to drive each one at least once a month. Your driver will devolve into a project that will devolve into a junker or science experiment faster than you think it will. Drive your cars people. It keeps them in good condition.

  7. This gives me a new idea for the site: “Torch Your Car.” Have Jason perform/learn various automotive tasks on his cars — OR THOSE OF LUCKY READERS! This could include items like detailing his xB to get rid of mold. Could be done in video and text/photo format.

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