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Ford Will Now Sell You A Basic F-150 With A 700 Horsepower Supercharged V8 And A Warranty

Ford F 150 Fp700 Topshot

Back in 2021, Ford made a somewhat controversial naming decision. By naming its all-electric truck the F-150 Lightning, the manufacturer upset a small but passionate group of horsepower junkies obsessed with the F-150 Lightning street trucks of the ‘90s and early 2000s. Two years later, Ford Performance is here to make amends in an epic way: Say hello to the Ford F-150 FP700, a 50-state-legal, warrantied package that cranks things up to 700 horsepower. Ooh yes, that should do nicely.

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Although the Lightning name is currently used by an all-electric machine, Ford pulled a throwback of a different kind with this F-150 street truck. The FP700 package name is reminiscent of the Ford Mustang FR500, a wicked concept from the turn of the millennium that claimed to be as quick as a Ferrari 360 Modena. It’s also worth noting that the FP700 isn’t the only F-150 to crank out 700 horsepower — the desert-focused Raptor R also produces 700 horsepower, but from a 5.2-liter supercharged V8 shared with the outgoing Mustang GT500 rather than the more common engine in the FP700, which you’ll find in run-of-the-mill F-150s — even basic ones.

F 150 Fp700 Engine

The headlining act in this festival of fury is a three-liter Whipple twin-screw supercharger force-feeding a five-liter Coyote V8. That’s a humongous blower, so peak output of 700 horsepower and 590 lb.-ft. of torque isn’t terribly surprising. However, while compacting all 68 PBR cans in your truck bed with one 700-horsepower brake-torque launch is delightful, that’s not the only delightful part of this package. Ford Performance has gone to the trouble of getting the FP700 kit through CARB certification, so this pumped-up F-150 is fully-legal in California. Can I get a hell yeah? Oh, and Ford Performance even throws in a warranty, even if it’s a short one at three years or 36,000 miles.


F 150 Fp700 3

Mind you, the FP700 kit does come with a few restrictions. Obviously, it can only be applied to F-150 trucks with the five-liter V8, but it isn’t compatible with the eight-foot bed, or with Ford’s ProPower Onboard generator setup. Still, once you get over those minor humps, a 700-horsepower street truck still sounds awesome. Haul major drivetrain components for your project car and ass at the same time!

Ford F-150 Fp700 1

How could this get any better? How about with two FP700 kits? Yep, Ford will sell you the FP700 package as either the Black Edition or the Bronze Edition, both consisting of 22-inch wheels, stripes, and tailgate lettering in their respective colorways. No matter which color you choose, all FP700 F-150s also come with a rear lowering kit, a black grille, special floor mats, unique fender vents, and an interior badge celebrating the muscle under the hood.

Ford F-150 Fp700 2


So how cheaply can you possibly build a new Ford F-150 FP700? Well, the kit itself retails for $12,350, while a regular cab two-wheel-drive F-150 XL with the Coyote V8 and nothing else stickers for $37,925. Add those two numbers together and you end up with a price tag of $50,275 for a 700-horsepower vinyl-floored street truck. Of course, you’ll probably want to at least add a limited-slip differential, but if you stay conservative with the option sheet, you could end up with a seriously fast rig for sensible money.

Ford F 150 Fp700 3

However, if you’re willing to get truly silly with the Amex, Ford Performance offers all manner of add-ons to turn the Ford F-150 FP700 up to 11. How about a side-exit sports exhaust system, a tailgate-mounted spoiler, or even a bed-mounted sports hoop? Plus, if Ford’s own accessories bore you, there’s a legion of aftermarket companies happy to take your bucks. Long live the street truck, in all its glorious vulgarity. And long live the high-powered work-truck.

[Update: You all seem to be big fans of this post and, frankly, I love the shorty version of this, so here are some more photos if anyone is curious. I think the implication here is that it’ll do some sweet burnouts. I must test this! – MH]

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(Photo credits: Ford)


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Ray Cornwall
Ray Cornwall
1 year ago

Why would you buy a basketball hoop for your truck (assuming you don’t work for the NBA)?

Brittney Ramos
Brittney Ramos
1 year ago

Great article, Thomas!

1 year ago

For my imaginary dollars, I’d love the supercharger in a Tremor. It would be a Raptor R in an oxford button down, instead of Pit Vipers and jorts.

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