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Give The Gift Of An Autopian Membership And Save 9.28% (And See Fewer Ads)

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It’s Black Friday and we don’t have any vice grips to sell you, but we do have the greatest gift of all: Love. Unfortunately, we cannot discount our love for our dear readers. We can, however, put a discount on new memberships, gift membership, and upgrades. Sign up now and use code blackfriday23 to get 9.28% off a membership (get it?).

This applies to all annual plans and all gift memberships. Links to gifting below.

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Vidframe Min Bottom

Membership here at The Autopian is an essential pillar of our business, so for those of you who are members: We cannot possibly thank you enough! Our biggest ask is: Do nothing. You’re about to start getting emails if you signed up in December reminding you of impending renewal. If you can, please continue supporting our team and our community and allow it to renew.

If you don’t have an auto-renew set, please consider renewing by clicking here and following the process. If you do, we’re going to send you even more stuff you love. And if aren’t a current member and want to support a site you often read: Please consider joining!

Here’s a quick walkthrough reminder of our membership levels (you can see the cool seat graphics and full descriptions here):

  • Cloth (GIFT LINK HERE)
    • Access to Member’s Only Posts (like this one about the grammar errors the Autopian staff is currently struggling with and this one about the article our EIC David didn’t want us to write).
    • Private access in Autopian Discord, which has over 500 readers nerdily talking about cars daily
    • Discounts on events
  • Vinyl (GIFT LINK HERE)
    • Everything in Cloth, plus…
    • A new, limited edition Members Only bumper sticker (See above)
    • A limited edition Members Only shirt
  • Velour (GIFT LINK HERE)
    • Everything in Cloth+Vinyl, plus…
    • A custom grille badge for your car
    • Invites to a quarterly virtual trivia night
    • A Jason drawing on your birthday
  • Rich Corinthian Leather (GIFT LINK HERE)
      • Everything in Cloth+Vinyl+Velour
      • A private tour of the Galpin Auto Sports car collection or participating museum.
      • Rust from David
      • Quarterly merch drops
  • Foreign Legion (click this link to learn more about this option for non-North America-based folks).

And, as an added bonus, signed-in members see fewer ads. Specifically, the little pop-up video on mobile will go away!


So, if you don’t mind, consider becoming an Autopian member or gift a membership to someone else! Or yourself!

Happy Black Friday! (Also, if you really want to help us out, click that vice grips link before you go back stuff because it’s an affiliate link and we might get a commission for all the stuff you sell.)

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4 months ago

I am now riding in the fanciest velour – it’s easy to upgrade, you just go in and edit your subscription. I upgraded from Vinyl to Velour and got a couple bucks credit for my remaining month. THANKS, Autopian!

(p.s. when do I get my sick grille badge?)

67 Oldsmobile
67 Oldsmobile
4 months ago

I live in Europe and I am already a vinyl member,should I upgrade/side-grade to foreign legion or wouldn’t it matter?

4 months ago
Reply to  Matt Hardigree

Similarly Matt I’m thinking about upgrading to velour, as an Aussie should I be upgrading to foreign Legion?

4 months ago

Ok so I clicked the vice grip link just for the heck of it, and that’s actually a sweet pair. I have been dealing with a lot of plumbing crap lately and this seems like it will work very well for the pipes and be easier to use than the typical annoying pipe wrenches. Thanks for that!

Slower Louder
Slower Louder
4 months ago

Dear Matt, probably I’m late with this suggestion: I’ll be renewing but can’t see my way clear to upgrading my level. If the renewal form had a space for “ additional contribution,” or “donuts for the family,” or “ vices,” or, better, “vises,” I would give a little extra. I bet others might too.

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