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Here’s A Look At The Autopian’s Newest Merch, Which You Can Buy Right Now At OHOAT

Ohoat New Merch

Great news, everyone! The Autopian has partnered with One Of Hell Of A Town (OHOAT), the unofficial clothier of pure car love, to start distributing new merch. You can head over there right to get order the much-requested Autopian Hoodie or new Autopian t-shirt! Also, while you’re there, get an RS200 pin or “I LOVE TERRIBLE CARS” dad hat. And this is just the start.

If you’re a member, odds are you’ve already received your member merch (if you signed up in the last couple of months and haven’t gotten your stuff yet, don’t worry, more stuff is going out ASAP) and noticed it was super high quality stuff. That’s because Syd, who runs OHOAT, cares about the details.

Because you all asked for it, and because it’s a good idea, we’ve got a hoodie:


And we’ve got a simple t-shirt:


Just heavily-used-motor-oil-color for now, but that’s good, because that means it’s borderline impossible to stain!

Coming soon we’ll also have basic logo and wordmark stickers. The hoodie, shirt, and stickers will always be listed for sale so you don’t have to worry about them selling out. As part of our fun experiment with OHOAT, we’re going to be making limited run shirts, stickers, keychains, and other fun items.

Will you be able to buy an extremely limited edition shower spaghetti-themed item? 100%.

In the interim, definitely cop a hoodie or shirt (or both) and all of these other amazing products:

Yfs 1 Daddysmoney 01mt Mobilemechanicc

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15 Responses

  1. Time to go on a tangent.

    I like the Aztek pin. Most notably, the attention to detail. Remember those hole headrests that seemed to be pretty common in a lot of 90’s/00’s cars (maybe not that many, Pontiacs and a few Hondas come to mind)? I always liked how silly they were, not sure why.

    Anyway, back to the topic at hand. The hoodie/shirt look great. Can’t wait for shower spaghett merch.

  2. Will these be a higher quality than the first shirts? The screen printing on the shirt I got last year crumbled and cracked on the first wash

  3. “This car overheated and died on Mt Washington.”

    I just died at my desk when I read that. It’s perfect. I live in New England, these stickers are EVERYWHERE, now I need this one.

  4. Oh, are the other t shirts designs ya’ll had no longer available? Could have sworn there were ones with like flowers and Renault 4s and stuff?

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