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Here’s All The Amazing Car-Stuff I Found At The West Coast’s Largest Flea Market

Flea Market Finds Ts

This past weekend was quite epic. Not only did I attend Radwood SoCal, but I also went to a humongous flea market filled with incredible automotive paraphernalia. Here, have a look.

OK, so the LA Auto Show is upon us, meaning Matt, Jason, and Thomas are out. Lewin is sick, leaving Mercedes and me fending for ourselves, so you’ll have to excuse a rather simple, sub-1000-word blog about the GOLD I found at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena. That’s this giant thing:

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

First, we have the toys; there we many, including a Jeep Gladiator/Wagoneer set! The Gladiator is a cement truck and the Wagoneer is a family-hauler. These things are high quality, made primarily of painted stamped steel. The seller of these two was asking $75 apiece, which is a bit rich for my blood, so I moved on:

Img 2503


Here’s a flatfender Jeep, along with… some kind of race cars? Can anyone identify these two?:

Img 2513

Oh and here are some old Mustangs, a 1960s Cadillac, an old Corvette, plus there’s a whole line of vintage pickup trucks!:

More importantly, what the hell is this?!:


Img 2506

It looks French; I’m not sure why I say that, but it just does.

Oh and check out this amazing Ford Thunderbird artwork:

Screen Shot 2023 11 14 At 12.23.00 Pm
And behold these cool old traffic signs:

Img 2507


And this INCREDIBLE Raymond Loewy poster. Look at that Studebaker blocking his eyes!:

Img 2509

I did not buy any of these items because I’m a cheap bastard. Instead, what I scored was:

Check it out!: An excellent condition Jeep Gladiator Tonka toy:


Screen Shot 2023 11 14 At 12.04.45 Pm Screen Shot 2023 11 14 At 12.04.12 Pm Screen Shot 2023 11 14 At 12.03.52 Pm

In traditional DT-fashion, it’s got a missing front axle, so I have to find one of those. Still, $25! Only five dollars more was this Mercedes mechanic’s coverall:

398274312 1285974372121216 7938545349174538601 N 400639747 371191658623733 9129453396827763810 N

I know it probably seems random, as I’m not a Mercedes fan, per se. But it was $30, and more importantly: It fit me perfectly and was comfortable. Would I rather it bea  Jeep coverall with an “Earl” or “Bubba” patch? Sure. But I’m never going to find one of those that fits me this well, so Mercedes it is!

So that was my day at the Flea Market, and while maybe I should end this blog here, I just have to tell someone else about what I did after the market: I went to a “Sound Bath.”


Yes, that’s what this culty looking gathering is on a hillside in Malibu:

Img 2524 Img 2525

Here’s a little clip:


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I cannot believe how quickly my life has changed from this:


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7 months ago

So, the picture with the flat fender Jeep with the push cars, the little black one with the number 30 on the side is a Cox Thimbledrome. Really neat little cars. They were well built and you could actually get a little engine to put in it.

Bruce Smith
Bruce Smith
7 months ago

The little mystery cars are tether cars from the 1930s and 1940s. Most were made of pot metal, but some were wood. Most had .049 model airplane engines and the bodies tended to be midgets. You drive a stake in the ground and tie the tether to it and they run around in circles. Folk were pretty fucking simple minded back then I guess.

Opa Carriker
Opa Carriker
7 months ago

Ref the two unidntified small cars, they are dirt track midgets. Very popular in the mid-west. See: https://www.google.com/search?client=opera&q=dirt+track+midgets&sourceid=opera&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8

7 months ago

Yup, I had the pickup version of that Tonka Jeep (HONCHO!)—with working tailgate. I don’t think I was the original owner, but I loved that thing.
I do remember getting a Tonka car carrier in about 1976 or so: a steel tractor and trailer with articulating ramps. On the trailer were a high-quality plastic Mustang and, I think, El Camino.

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