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Hey Honda: Here Are More Come-Before Words Like Prelude And Prologue You Can Use For Car Names

Hondapre Name Ts3

Ever since Honda announced their new electric SUV, the Prologue, people have been recalling the old Honda Prelude and noting that Honda, amongst all automakers, seems to have an odd affinity for names that reference things that happen before things. So, with this in mind, I thought it might be fun to come up with the definitive list of car names that fit this strange category. I guess if Honda decides to use any of these, they can just, you know, send us a check?

I guess going on two names – the smallest possible plural number – may be a bit thin, but I’m serious when I say a surprising number of people have noted this to me. Normal people, even!

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

It’s also worth noting that in the Grand Honda Scheme of things, these names aren’t even really all that odd. Honda isn’t afraid of strange names, especially for cars not destined for the North American market. They have a car named Today, for example. And there’s more, and remember, these are all real: Hondafunnynames

LaGreat? That’s what they called the Odyssey in Japanese markets. Life Dunk? That’s? Who the hell names a car “that’s?” Not even “that is!” I mean, I love it, but damn, that’s bonkers, Honda.

Anyway, the whole Prologue/Prelude thing seems to have captured the attention of even my non-car-obsessed friends and loved ones, so I do feel like it’s important we help Honda explore this, if only to get it out of their system.


I think a big reason for this is just that fact that names about things that happen before the real thing happens are just, well, weird. They feel like they’re underselling the car, because they all imply the car itself is not the main event; it’s just the lead-in to the good stuff. And why the hell would you name a car for that?

But, if that’s what Honda wants, that’s what Honda gets, so here we go, Honda: more options for you!

  • Honda Preface

  • Honda Preamble

  • Honda Pre-ejaculate

  • Honda Presage

  • Honda Foreword

  • Honda Epigraph

  • Honda Front Matter

  • Honda Antechamber

  • Honda Vestibule

  • Honda Lead-in

  • Honda Anacrusis

  • Honda Opener

  • Honda Overture

  • Honda Teaser

  • Honda Cold Open

  • Honda Proem

  • Honda Prolegomenon

  • Honda Exordium

  • Honda Build Up

  • Honda Preperatory

  • Honda Warmup

That’s a pretty good list, right? Honda, if you really, really decide to lean into this, look at all these options!




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Myk El
Myk El
3 months ago

Overture is probably the most likely to appear on a car.

Jake Harsha
Jake Harsha
3 months ago

I kinda like Anacrusis.

3 months ago

I don’t have any funny input (especially compared to the other comedic geniuses in these comments) but I just wanted to say, thanks for saving time and linking to the definitions for some of those more obscure words.

Grey alien in a beige sedan
Grey alien in a beige sedan
3 months ago

Honda should buy the Tonawanda, NY plant from GM. That way you could buy a Honda from Tonawanda. Jus’ Sayin’.

3 months ago

I can 100% see the Honda Foreword being a thing

3 months ago

Nissan already made a Presage until 2009.

Toyota kind of joined the game with the 4 Runner (forerunner).

The Honda Overture would have made a great sister car to the Honda Concerto of the 90s.

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