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How Would You ‘Spend’ 1,100 Horsepower?

Aa 1100 Horsepower

It’s Friday Junior, so I’m looking for any opportunity to take it easy. And blammo, there’s our pal Zerin of Speed Sport Life with a terrific Autopian Asks idea just there for the taking on his Twitter. I may go home early!


Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

What a fun idea. You’ve got 1,100 horsepower to divvy up amongst as many vehicles as you like–or just one, I guess, but maybe you’ll have enough left over for at least a moped? It’s your call, you do whatever you like. Six Mazda Miatas? Sure thing, the math checks out. You want a Mustang GT, Mini Cooper S, Veloster N, and a Harley-Davidson Fatboy? Shoot, you’ll still have like a hundred horsepower left over! What about fourteen Mitsubishi Mirages? Uh … sure. No judgements, but many questions. Soooo many questions.

14 Mirage Copy
Fourteen Mirages? must be some kind of a Turo situation …

How would YOU spend 1,100 horsepower*? To the comments!


*Rollers do not count. They have to have a powertrain.

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Joey Smith
Joey Smith
1 year ago

Ok. This is fun 🙂 I’m assuming price and rarity don’t matter.

2005 Lotus Elise (190 hp); my dream car
1989 Honda Street kei van (44 hp); last year they had the cute round headlights
Toyota 2000GT (148 hp); ok, this is my actual dream car but it’s completely unattainable
1970s Citroen DS (141 hp at it’s most powerful); let me feel the suspension
1960s Mini (55 hp); so cute!
Trabant (about 26 hp); The eastern bloc’s most adorable little vehicle
VW ID Buzz (rwd 282 hp); I may be bought into the hype
1990 Toyota Century (190 hp); so luxurious

Bongo Friendee Harvey Park
Bongo Friendee Harvey Park
1 year ago

Do we have to pay for the cars we pick?

William Eby
William Eby
1 year ago

A little bit of all for me:

Lucid Air — 480hp (Base model, but 500+ miles of range, I’d every day it and take it on some long jaunts)
Chevy Volt — 149hp (Perfect for my wife, who just wants a functional car, nothing fancy)
1988 Mazda 323GTX — 132hp (Had to chose, MX5 or this? This all day long. Such a childhood dream car)
2009 Honda 2000 — 237hp (Wait, I have 238hp left? Forget the MX5, let’s get 8000 screaming RPM for the rest of our budget)

1 year ago

Since I have too many cars right now because of too many drivers in the household, I also have exceeded the 1100hp budget.
’79 MGB = 62.5HP
’08 STS = 320 HP
’21 RAM 1500 = 395 HP
’21 330e = 288HP
’23 Acadia =228HP
Total =1293.5HP
I think I need to re-examine my budget and change some things.

Do I count the lawn tractor if it has over 1/3 of the HP of the MGB?

Bongo Friendee Harvey Park
Bongo Friendee Harvey Park
1 year ago
Reply to  3WiperB

> Acadia

I didn’t know anyone bought those

1 year ago

It’s a cheap lease for my son to take to college. It was the cheapest AWD vehicle lease I could find from GM (we get an employee discount and the total discount amount comes off the top of the lease price with GM). He goes to Michigan Tech and they get about 200 inches of snow a year, plus he’s driving 8 hours each way to school. I needed something he could get serviced easily without having to travel a few hours to a dealership, so it was GM, Ford, or Stellantis.

Last edited 1 year ago by 3WiperB
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