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I Had No Idea Econolines Were Called Falcons Once: Cold Start

Cs Falconvan

Here’s an important fact I didn’t realize until just now, and likely one that will help you immensely during your day today: the first-generation Ford Econoline, you know, the cool cabover one, was also sold, in passenger form, as a Falcon Club Wagon or Falcon Station Bus. Huh! And sure enough, look on the door on that one up there, right under the mirror, and there’s a Falcon badge! Who knew?

I mean, it makes sense, as mechanically these were based on the Falcon, but I never realized they were marketed as such at all. I kinda like it? I miss when car models had “families” where one model would spawn a related wagon and coupé and sedan and in this case, even a van. It generally doesn’t quite work like that now.

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

Also, what the hell is going on in this picture? They’re washing their van in the river, while camping? Who does that? Just wait and scrub your whitewalls when you get home, buddy, you’re out in the wilderness still, and not only are they just going to get dirty again as you drive out however the hell you got in there, who are you trying to impress? The squirrels? Some deer? Is there a bear there that’s a stickler for a clean car?

Relax, dude, and enjoy camping. Hose your Falcon van down when you get home.

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Jakob K's Garage
Jakob K's Garage
1 year ago

Phew, up until the Lego shaped 1975 Econoline, Ford vans were some really ugly cars! Both European and American.
No wonder the VW vans with worse practicality and driving abilities were so popular everywhere.

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