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It’s Been Six Months Of The Autopian! Let’s Talk.


You know what’s something time does better than over half the cars in my fleet? Moves. Forward, even, unrelentingly, unstoppably. Since the Autopian started, that time has been chugging along for six months, a hemiyear, even. Holy crap. How does this happen? So, we figured we should maybe take a chance to reach out and see how everyone is doing, how you think we’re doing, and what we can try to do to make it better. I’d say you can call us terrible names, but I don’t really think we need a special call to do that.

Since we’ve started we’ve grown both our regular staff and contributors; sadly, today Mercedes and Thomas are out, with Mercedes getting ready for her wedding (Mazel Tov!) and Thomas probably on one of those ayahuasca retreats or some shit. He’s Canadian, who the hell knows what he’s doing?

Oh, and David is still in Australia, where I assume by now some determined koala has made him their lifelong mate.

But I’m here, Matt’s here, and lots of your favorite contributors are, too! So, please, ask us questions! Suggest things you’d like to see! Want more spammers on the site because you love both sexy pictures of willing ladies and making so much money at home? We’ll see what we can do! I can complain to you that I need to find more time to write things! You love hearing me complain, right?

We have more videos coming, more stories, more everything, but what matters is you our Autopian community, so let’s talk, everyone.

We’re just getting started.

UPDATE: To address some things I’m seeing a lot, we’re working on images in comments, comment editing, and notification. Same goes for site loading speeds. We see it too, and we want it fixed as much as you do! I’ve already maxed out our servers at 128K of RAM but if it has to, I’m willing to move it to an Apple IIgs, which can have at least a meg of RAM. Also, 4,096 colors!

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273 Responses

  1. We’re six months in and while we have regular features, what I have not seen (and this is a good thing) is it starting to feel the same. We have the morning news dump, good. Car reviews are there but don’t feel like I’m reading the same basic text with just the model numbers and specs swapped out like I do with big publications. We have articles on automotive history, project vehicles (and in the case of the Lane Museum posts, in the same article) and speculation. I’d like more, but also want you all to not be overworked.

    And I want you to get paid, so open to ideas.

  2. There are mostly minor issue for 6 months out that you have mentioned in your update.

    I would say keep up with the all things with a motor idea. I like seeing planes and busses, not my cup of tea yet still and interesting read for someone who likes to know everything they can. No slide shows or blank space where an ad would be taking up half the screen in a bonus.

    The other change I like to see is a bit more policing of the comments. I am not talking rule with an iron fist holding a ban hammer, rather make sure people are respectful. You can disagree with the person and the hive mind, doesn’t mean you are wrong and you should not get slammed by the commenter. I have only seen this a few times and I would like to see it under control as that is why I stopped commenting on other site.

  3. In terms of the site itself, you are very much on the right track. I still visit the German lighting site, but not nearly as often, and this has become my go-to car site.

    I agree with a lot of the technical side of things — edit button, et al — but somehow the issues are becoming part of the charm for me. Kind of like owning an older car.

    I also love that some of you are active in the comments (I can appreciate that Torch, Beau and DT are a little busy running things/laughing each others automotive life choices). I am particularly enjoying Mr. Clarke’s contributions and willingness to discuss his work with us uninformed folks.

    I think the Autopian RV absolutely must be built.

    And lastly, I can live with ads if they keep this site alive. I could also live with some way to contribute money/parts/rust remover to keep The Autopian independent (save, of course, for the rich, creamy, farm-raised Optima electrons that power it).

  4. Missed this on friday so I’m late to the party.
    I love the site. I’ve always loved the work you guys put into your writing and here it’s been distilled into a beautiful Everclear. Any complaints have been addressed either in your post or in other comments so I won’t repeat those.
    Also I love you guys being active in the comments and continuing the discussion. It feels like a bulletin board forum from pre-Facebook days. Like how The Escapist used to be, but for cars instead of pop culture and video games. Better days.

  5. Same as I said last time there was a check-in – more motorsports content, but I understand why it’s not a priority (or potentially not an interest of anyone here). They’re barely cars!

  6. I love that, here, my posts get posted, and I am not eternally “in the grays”. The articles are fun, and the “S-box Showdown” is one of my favorite daily reads!

  7. Any concerns I have (pictures, notifications) were covered by DT already. Everything else is going swimmingly, and content has been on a steady upward trajectory since March 32nd.

  8. I have to say that while the Torch ‘n Rusty show would have been fine, getting Mercedes and Matt on board is a real coup, and I think makes this a sustainable operation. There are a lot of great writers out there who could do some good features, but you’ve got a dynamite house band now.

  9. It’s all about the story. And stories are all about people (car people). I usually love the items that bring characters to the fore. More, please. Because I like data, it would be interesting to see the impression stats on stories. You can kind of infer which ones get the most eyes by comments, but a monthly performance round-up would be fun. Or, you know, just keep on doing what you’re doing. I’m here for it. BTW, I really enjoyed the 3-D printing piece.

  10. I’m loving the site, and a lot of what I’d like to see was already addressed by Torch. I’ve got two things that I wouldn’t mind seeing, though.

    1. Wouldn’t mind an official masthead with blurbs about all you lovely people and your roles on the site. Being able to look at everyone’s bio helps, but having it in one place in the About Us would be mighty convenient.
    2. This one is a little more of a reach, but The Autopian feels like a good place to have our pal Kristen Lee come over every so often for a guest feature as Fancy Kristen. I know she’s busy doing good stuff at The Drive; also, I don’t know if there would be any kind of issues with The Old Site regarding the use of her disgustingly rich alter-ego, but man, I used to laugh my ass off at those articles.

    Otherwise I love it here. Keep doing excellent work my dudes.

  11. I don’t have a lot of suggestions beyond the general technical stuff you already know about (seriously, notifications! It’s so hard to have a conversation here!), but I did want to say the group of writers you’ve put together here constantly amazes me. A bunch of people I loved from Jello Picnic and also a bunch of people I had never heard of before that are also awesome.

    But this: “sadly, today Mercedes and Thomas are out”

    Don’t scare me like that. I still have PTSD from everyone leaving the picnic site and I thought you meant they were out for good. O.O

  12. I’ve enjoyed the past 6 months and have followed y’all for a while. Thanks for the great articles and videos. Do more! Keep up the good work 🙂

    Question: I have a 15 hour roadtrip coming up. What are the 3 essential items I should have on my playlist or packing list?

  13. I’m arriving pretty late to this party, but still wanted to chime in about how great this place is – seriously, it’s amazing! If I haven’t been here on any given day, then I wasn’t on the internet that day.

  14. Huge fan, I was turned away from the other site because of extreme political writing in the stories. I want to read about cars, not the authors political opinions. So, keep it car based as you’ve been doing.

    And more Jeep stuff!

  15. I think the content is top notch and why I’m here. I expect the features of the site to grow over time. Keep things solid and steady. It’s been an absolute breath of fresh air compared to where I was going for auto blogs previously. I would be interested to hear about how the monetization is going to work and if I may suggest doing something similar to arstechnica.

  16. 6 months in, and this is where I go for my car news now. That other place just keeps pumping out slideshows and the very rare “good article”.

    Site-wise, I think most of the others have covered what we need in the short term.

    Keep articles written by an actual staffer, not a name like “The Bishop” pumping out iffy articles like that whole photoshop job on the “Mustang II”

    Lastly: When this site was just taking off, I distinctly remember freaking out because you guys got Murilee Martin to write for you. I loved the “Junkyard Treasures” and the like he wrote for The Truth About Cars, and Jellopicknic. What happened with that? One and done thing?

  17. Things are great – I left the dark side when you fired up this place. Load times are slow but doesn’t deter me.

    Maybe first timers would be turned off though. Upgrade the server to the Pentium III with Winchester 10MB disk that I’m sure is in Jason’s closet.

    Question of the day – I haven’t seen this yet…
    Why “The Autopian” instead of simply “Autopian”?

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