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It’s Wrenching Wednesday! What’s Your Go-To When Wrenching On The Go?

Ww On The Go 1

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1 year ago

Update on the LJ:

After replacing the fan clutch and the radiator with “better” parts, I think I conquered the overheating issues, only to have all 4 O2 Sensors start throwing codes at me and lighting up the CEL.

Since this is something I fixed for O2 1, bank 1 last December, I take it personally.

Knowing that all 4 sensors didn’t spontaneously fail, the internet told me that it’s either a common ground problem, or the PCM is about to fail.

So I found ground #G105 on the block and cleaned it up, cleared the codes, and now I’m playing the waiting game to see if they’ll come back.

In the meantime, during the overheating fight, I discovered my AC isn’t blowing cold, so I got two cans of refrigerant from Amazon, including one that has leak-sealer in it. I also need to replace the blower motor resistor.

That’s what’s going on this coming weekend.

1 year ago

I have two of these Stanley toolboxes. They might not be the bombproof metal ones of yore, but I love that the latch is super easy to open and close and they’ve stood up to my abuse for quite a few years now. One of them has some heavy stuff like breaker bars and dead blow hammers in it and other than a crack in one of the top compartment lids that happened when I got caught in a horrible hail storm with it in my pickup bed (the truck required something like $8000 of body work afterward) I’ve had no trouble with them.

I also have an old Husky toolkit in a blow-molded case that I’ve had to repair multiple times because the latches keep breaking off. Between that and my Stanley box I can do just about any regular job.

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