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Let’s Come Up With Names For Groups Of Cars. You Know, Like A Murder Of Crows, But Cars

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A clever and funny friend of mine once told me that she calls groups of Honda Fits, seen in parking lots or roaming free in the wild, a conniption of Fits. This delighted me, so I’m going to repay her cleverness by stealing this idea and running with it for my own personal gain, in this very post right here. Why don’t we have clever names for groups of particular cars? Why do crows with their murders and lions with their prides and rhinos with their crashes get all the fun? They shouldn’t, those smug-ass animals. Time to give groups of cars a chance!

So, with that in mind, we’ve come up with a bunch of names for groups of kinds of cars. Some are specific models, some are entire brands, it just depends. And, we’ve tried to keep this upbeat and pro-car, because our publisher Matt yelled at me when I suggested a Douche of Teslas or an Insecurity of Lamborghinis. So, for the most part I’ll try to make these non-derogatory, but I’m kind of a jerk sometimes, so some might slide in.

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Like this one:


But I mean, come on, we can’t be offending any Vega owners, right? They knew what they got into. Anyway, I’ll try to be nice.


All the Autopians contributed to this list, and in that spirit, I absolutely encourage everyone to add more in the comments! This is just a start, and there’s so many more car groups to name! Here we go:

A Conniption of Honda Fits

An Infestation of VW Beetles

A Smugness of Priuses

A Tragedy of Yugos

A Cult of Teslas

A Ring of Saturns

A Clutch of Mazda Miatas

A Dent of Camrys

A Compromise of Corollas

A Stereo Of Nissan Jukes

A Vegas of Dodge Neons

A Lecture of Saabs

A Crunch of Subarus

A Crew of Ford F-150s

A Battalion of Jeeps

A Den of Vipers

A Levee of Chevys

A Headache of Alfa Romeos

An Illusion of Mitsubishi Mirages

An Afterlife of Kia Souls

A Militia of Toyota Hiluxes

An Eternity of Toyotas

A Wank of Mazda RX7s (for Wankel, I promise)

A Keg of Mopars

A Disrespect of Chrysler PT Cruisers

A Hospice of Buicks

A Corruption of Ladas

A Squad of Ford Crown Vics

A Paddock of Porsche 911s

A Target of Toyota RAV4s

A Pub of Minis

A Manor of Bentleys

An Emancipation of Lincolns

A Mullet of Camaros

A Recession Of Nissan Versas

An Oddment of Citroëns

A Desperation of Daewoos

A Depreciation of Maseratis

An Impossibility of Cybertrucks

An Ordnung of Mercedes-Benzes

A Burnout of Ford Mustangs

A Regret of Fisker Karmas

A Surprise of Fiat 500 Abarths

A Fireball of Ford Pintos

A Humility of Renault 4s

A Masquerade of Mitsuokas

A Shock of Chevy Volts

A Kindergarten of BMWs

An Instagram of Chargers (Matt says “Because all of them have those fucking handles on their cars”)

A Garden of Lotuses

An Impound of Nissan Skylines

An Ouroboros of Infinitis

A Wrath of Plymouth Furys

A Lounge of Buick Rivieras

A Buffet of Chevy Cruzes (you know, like on a cruise? Patrick didn’t get this.)

A Confusion of Fiat Multiplas

A Hilarity of AMC Pacers

A Shitload of SUVs


(from our Australian):

A Mang of V6 Holden Commodores

A Crate of Australian AU Ford Falcons





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Box Rocket
Box Rocket
1 year ago

I submit that a Snooze (Snuze?) of Cruzes is more accurate, and gives less attention to the cruise ship industry.

1 year ago

A conflagration of Chevy Bolts.

1 year ago
Reply to  Defenestrator

Someone would argue that Ferrari has dibs on that description.

Phantom Pedal Syndrome
Phantom Pedal Syndrome
1 year ago

A grid of EV’s

Matthew Humphrey
Matthew Humphrey
1 year ago

A Rattle of Wranglers.

It'll buff out
It'll buff out
1 year ago

A Chintz of Changli (not sure if the plural would have an “s”, or not, but I like this better, so I am going with it…)

Last edited 1 year ago by It'll buff out
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