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New Film Promises A Glimpse Inside One Of The World’s Most Exclusive Garages

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If you do something exceptionally well, and you do it long enough, eventually, people will start to notice. That’s been the case for Naito Auto down in Tokyo, Japan. Lauded for its top-notch work in the classic car world, the highly private and exclusive business has now become the subject of a new documentary.

Titled One of One, the documentary follows the story of the Naito family. It chronicles their exclusive restoration business, first established in World War II. In its early years, most of the work involved servicing cars for foreign soldiers in Japan. Over time, the business grew into a restoration house whose work is so valued, that it can choose its own customers.

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As covered by Deadline, the film was shot by director Ben Bertucci and produced by Concourse Media, the documentary was shot over five years. It centers around the challenges the family business faces as young blood steps up to take over. As the reigning patriarch of the family, Masao Naito hopes to fulfill his father’s wish that Naito Auto would live for generations to come.

It’s a niche film covering a niche shop in a niche business. Indeed, the film promises to show us just how special—and exclusive—the Naito family shop really is. We’re told they don’t advertise, and nor do they need to. Their reputation is such that they can pick and choose their customers at will.


Unlike some famous Japanese auto houses, Naito Auto doesn’t maintain a huge internet presence. But look around, and you’ll find evidence of their work. The shop maintains a modest Instagram account, showcasing some of the fine metal that comes through the doors.

One Of One Teaser Clip (2024) 0 47 Screenshot

One Of One Teaser Clip (2024) 1 58 Screenshot
The family has a long and storied history with cars, motorsport included.

Now and then, the family invite media for a look inside, with the garage typically overflowing with Porsches and Ferraris of some rarity. Indeed, there aren’t a lot of shops where you’ll find camshafts for a Ferrari 250 GTO lying around just in case.

One by One promises us insight into a unique business and a unique family, and how they’ve become internationally known despite mostly quietly working away from their base in Tokyo. It’s unlikely to top anyone’s summer blockbuster list, but it should be a rich and compelling watch for the automotive set. There’s no word on an official release date yet, but keep an eye for this one coming out soon.


Image credits: Concourse Media via YouTube Screenshot

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67 Oldsmobile
67 Oldsmobile
19 days ago

Hope I will be able to see this somewhere,looks really interesting. What is that blue Ferrari next to the Enzo?

20 days ago

What model Ferrari is pulling out of the garage in that clip?

James Carson
James Carson
20 days ago

This one is on my list to watch. Thanks Lewin!

Brian Ash
Brian Ash
21 days ago

Anyone interested in this should also check out the videos from when Larry Chen visited Iding Power in Yokohama. Ide is a BMW & Ferrari master, also connections to the McLaren F1.

21 days ago

Thanks for the heads up on the documentary and its fascinating subject.

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