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Off-Roading In A Convertible Is One Of The Greatest Experiences In Automobiles

Jeep Off Roading Experience Ts

It was maybe a mistake to go off-roading 30+ miles from the nearest civilization all alone, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it was epic. My chariot for my excursion yesterday through the White Mountains/Eastern Sierras was my 1991 Jeep Wrangler, which I bought for a totally reasonable $6500 (after selling its doors and hard top). That was an incredible deal for what, in many ways, is a supercar.

Yes, I just called a YJ Wrangler a Supercar, but why wouldn’t it qualify? A supercar is a vehicle that performs its intended purpose better than pretty much anything else out there, and certainly in 1991, the YJ was one of the off-road kings. Solid axles? Check. Compact dimensions? Check. A torquey engine? Check. Skid plates? Check. Two-speed transfer case? Check.

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

But this quick Sunday blog isn’t about the YJ so much as it is about convertibles. Why do you buy them? I think most convertibles would say: “I like the wind in my hair. I like being able to see the world without glass or metal in my way.” There’s just a feeling of freedom with a convertible, which is why the best convertibles, in my opinions, are ones that multiply that freedom by offering go-anywhere off-road capability.

Being able to drive around a city or through national parks in a convertible is awesome, without question. All convertibles are loads of fun. But being able to be in nature — in deep forests, on beautiful rock formations, in nature untouched by heavy construction machinery that builds roads — in a convertible is an experience unlike anything else. It’s true freedom, and I’d recommend it to everyone who loves cars and the outdoors.

Screen Shot 2024 05 26 At 6.23.55 Pm Screen Shot 2024 05 26 At 6.24.39 Pm Screen Shot 2024 05 26 At 6.25.02 Pm


Anyway, this was a very random Sunday blog, but off-roading that YJ was just awesome.


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Dan Bee
Dan Bee
13 days ago

The Whites and a Jeep… what a combo.

Stef Schrader
Stef Schrader
14 days ago

I don’t like convertibles at ALL, but crawling around off-road? Remove every possible panel (er, but maybe leave the shade over my head). I wanna see where the wheels are, bro.

Lower speeds and more deliberate movements help when it comes to keeping my hair out of my face, no doubt.

Last edited 14 days ago by Stef Schrader
Mike B
Mike B
15 days ago

Supposedly Enzo Ferrari said the Jeep was the US’s only true sportscar.

I totally see the appeal, but here in the northeast there’s a narrow window where it’s fun. Honestly, I prefer it more in early spring and fall vs the summer, it’s too hot/humid in the summer months.

I remember being so excited when I got my first FBody with t-tops, the first summer day I drove with them off was fairly miserable. Hot day with the sun beating right down on me, and no airflow thanks to stop and go traffic.

OTOH, a 50–60-degree evening in the fall is heaven, tops off and heater on makes for a wonderful experience.

15 days ago

I’m all in on the off-roading with the top down on the Jeep. It is truly a perfect experience, and a Jeep with the top and doors off on a warm summer day is the ideal way to drive anywhere on or off road. My wife and I have had a Jeep in the fleet since ’98, but we’ve also owned other convertibles:

  • ’94 Pontiac Sunbird
  • ’03 Chrysler Sebring

Both of those cars had issues that melted away when the top was down – as long as the temp was above 50 degrees, and it wasn’t actively raining the top was down on either. I daily drove them both and gave zero fucks about how I looked or the perceived manliness of either car. They both put a smile on my face every time the top went down and I would own an example of either car again given the chance.

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