Pro Tip: Don’t Try To Hide A Stolen Land Rover In A Canal


Car crime is not really our main beat and it’s weird to have two in one day, but every now and then you see something on Twitter it’s difficult not to share. Case-in-point, someone allegedly stole a Land Rover and thought they’d dump it in the nearest body of water without possibly realizing how shallow that body of water actually was.

The Tweet comes courtesy of the nice folks at the Canal & River Trust West Midlands, who are responsible for maintaining the network of canals that weave through this part of England. As they explain on their website:

Across the West Midlands 520 miles of canals weave their way through richly vibrant and culturally diverse communities. Around 1.75 million people live within 1km of the waterways and just over half of Birmingham’s population are within walking distance of their local canal.

Wow! Depending on how you measure it, Birmingham alone has more canals than Venice. If you’d have asked me how deep these were I’d have guessed about six-to-eight feet and I’d have been wrong by about half. According to this website they’re about four feet deep, which is confirmed by this Land Rover Discovery (L319) on its side.

This wasn’t some strange driving accident but, instead, the BBC reports that vehicle is “thought to be stolen” and the thief (or thieves) drove up to the side of the canal and pushed it in, causing the canal system to have to shut at that point. The Discovery 4 has a wading depth of about 28 inches, but it probably wasn’t rated on its side.

The people who run the canal system, understandably, aren’t happy about it:

The Canal & River Trust said a crane would be used to lift the Land Rover out on Monday afternoon at a cost of about £5,000.

It said the situation was “really frustrating”, but so far there was no sign the water had been polluted.

It is frustrating.

Don’t dump cars in canals!

Update: The Land Rover has been removed. I repeat, the Land Rover has been removed.

Photo via Canal & River Trust West Midlands

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42 Responses

  1. Land Rover Discovery (L319) For Sale

    Recently washed and detailed interior
    Undercarriage washed and cleaned
    All systems flushed out
    Land Rover Wading Capable
    Current MOT
    Clean Title

    Please, absolutely no low ballers, I’m well aware of what I have, dear chap

  2. The fact that they are more worried about pollution in an enclosed body of water than the fact that there is a car in it…
    you can literally just close the lock and clean the water people, and yes I have worked on a canal before

  3. Yeah i am thinking insurance fraud here. But they think its stolen? What did the owner say when contacted? Why have the canal system pay contact the owner to remove it at his or insurance expense. Ticket them $200 a day until they move it.

    1. I definitely wish the picture was posted oriented correctly. Putting it sideways was really strange and confusing. Even after reading the article, it took me a minute to orient my brain as to what I was looking at.

    1. Then what you understand is complete bollocks I’m afraid.

      Try cuts in social support, draconian benefit reductions, lower numbers of police (and a corresponding lower quality of candidates because decent people don’t want to do the job so they’ve ended up recruiting trash – the several high profile scandals in various forces show this), rampant wealth inequality (that’s getting worse), a lack of opportunities for the underprivileged, a cost of living crisis, oh and let’s not forget the utter shambles that is mental health support in this country.

      Our long and proud history of diversity has nothing to do with it.

    2. This is the second time you’ve done this and this is your only warning. This is not the place for you to keep bringing up crime and diversity. Keep it up and get the boot. You have been warned.

          1. Not sure if this relates to what you were saying, but it’s worth being said. I think.
            Legal or not, free-speech does not mean consequence-free speech, or that one won’t be judged according to it. Communities are free to police the type of members that they want to have, and to build their community on basic agreed-upon principles.
            A tendency to allow hate-speech, racism, fear mongering, and alternative-facts, all under the guise of “free-speech”, has and will lead any society to a very dark place.

        1. There is possibly a compromise here. Reduce the diversity by deporting the multi-generational lazy white butt lager louts. That should cut right down on stupid crime.

          But where to? Hmmm…wasn’t there a penal colony somewhere in the southern hemisphere?

      1. Matt, you’re late to this guy. This wasn’t enough for you?

        “8th–Note says:
        November 7, 2022 at 2:17 pm
        we need more White kids in this country

        “zeppelopodzeppelopod says:
        November 8, 2022 at 2:47 am
        you dropped the /s

        “8th–Note8th–Note says:
        November 8, 2022 at 9:46 am
        no /s involved. its the only way to save this country.”
        “8th–Note says:
        October 27, 2022 at 10:58 am
        but the great thing about a lack of diversity is that there are very low crime rates.”

        Probably not this one, it’s just a symptom of how badly a guy who probably really is from Appalachia is eager to let himself be lied to:

        “8th–Note says:
        October 26, 2022 at 12:28 pm
        Russia had good reason to liberate its citizens in Donetsk and Luhansk from the despotic and illegitimate Ukrainian govt that was installed by a US led violent overthrow of an elected leader.”
        His information sources are truly top notch:

        “8th–Note says:
        October 26, 2022 at 10:38 am
        now we just have entire boer families being slaughtered with impunity on their farms.”

        1. yeah, I responded to that guy largely out of shock that someone would just come in here and start spouting “great replacement” bullshit off the cuff.

          Good to see you’re keeping the receipts; you have to stamp out this proto-fash nonsense quickly. Karl Popper’s paradox of tolerance, and all that.

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