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Shocking: The $755 Chinese EV That Looks Like A Glammed-Up VW Beetle Isn’t Really $755

755 Balletcat

Sometimes it’s easy to feel like the algorithms that control what ads are presented to us are maybe a little too good. I say this because recently I’ve been getting a lot of Alibaba ads for a particular EV – the Ora Ballet Cat, which is a shameless and bold update of the original VW Beetle – for a shockingly low price of $755. This hits three of my most deep-seated fetishes: classic VW Beetles. shameless knockoffs, and unsettlingly cheap Chinese electric cars. I had to look into what was going on here, because this all seems far, far too good to be true. And, I hope this isn’t too much of a spoiler, but it seems it is too good to be true! It’s all kinda horseshit!

I suppose I really shouldn’t be all that shocked that something advertised on Alibaba isn’t absolutely rock-solid, bet-your-grandma’s-life-on-it-true, but this still feels a lot more blatantly bait-and-switchy than I’m used to. I feel like when I see an absurdly low price for a car on Alibaba I’m inclined to at least check, because, remember, my Changli was only about $930. Of course, that was before an extra $300 or so for lead-acid batteries and it’s also worth reminding everyone that the Changli is a 1.1 horsepower little jokebox and this Ora is, by all specs and reports, an actual, real car.

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

So, what the hell is going on here? Look at these ads that I’ve been fed, just in the past few days:

Ora Ad 1

This one has come up a lot, and you can see what it’s so eye-catching: four cars, one that’s a tiny Chinese EV for $8,000 and then three Beetle-like Ora Ballet Cats for $755! If that isn’t catching your attention in some way, I think you may want to check your pulse. Remember, the Ora Ballet Cat isn’t like that little $8,000 tiny-ass shitbox there – it’s a much more substantial and luxurious car! I mean, look at this lady; do you think she’s going to be caught dead in something cheap?


Ora Blue

Of course not. Or what about this fancy woman:

Ora Salmon1

Look at her! There’s so much classy dripping off this picture it’s probably increasing the resale value of your phone every minute you keep it on screen!

So how the hell are they selling these for $755? I looked for other Ora Ballet Cats for sale and saw a few that were priced much more in line with reality, at about $18,000 to $20,000 or so:Ora Prices


I clicked through one of the $755 ads to try and see if the truth would be revealed, and found that the $755 price was a story they seemed to be sticking with:


Ora 755 Colors

Look, I can even pick a color! Of course, it’s saying “shipping solutions for the selected quantity are currently unavailable” though even if I increased the number to 10 or 20 Ora Ballet Cats, it still said that.

Ora $755 Ad


I can get pretty far here with it never suggesting it’s anything other than $755, which, again has to be bullshit. So, I started an order request with two of these ads, which puts me in chat-contact with a representative, so I could finally get some answers. Here’s the first one, my exchange with Yu Doris of the Zhongqi International Trade concern:

Yu Doris

So, as you can see, it’s not $755, it’s $7,255 which is still like 1/3 of what the car normally sells for but is also ten times the price they’re advertising. And when I noted it’s not the price in the ad, I was just met with a simple “no.” Okay, Doris, fine. Happily, I don’t have to order 144 of them, which is how many pieces in a gross, just one piece. But do I believe that one Ora Ballet Cat is only $7,255? No, I don’t. I mean, they already lied about the price, why should they stop now?

Next, I spoke with Kieth Yang, of Ghangzhou Zhongda Automobile Traders, who had a very different actual price:

Kieth Yang


Keith, you lying sack of crap! $22,000 is nothing like $755! It’s likely the most fair and honest price I’ve actually had quoted for the Ora Ballet Cat, but I’m still cheesed over about this $755 business!

Now, I never really expected that the Ballet Cat would be $755. Of course not. But I’m still not happy that it’s somehow just fine to make up a completely absurd, fabricated price and just have that be okay somehow, and then the actual price doesn’t get told to you until you actually start the ordering process. Does this actually work for any of these companies? Wouldn’t the people who genuinely think they can get these cars for $755 be pissed to learn that’s not the case, and once they know, they’re not even likely to be shopping in a price range so much higher than what they initially expected, right?

Anyway, this is all stupid, and perhaps is a good reminder to take what you see on Alibaba and other similar sites with a big salty grain of salt. Yes, there are absurdly cheap EVs to be had from these sites – I know because I have one – but it’s not exactly a real car in the sense of what this Great Wall-subsidiary Ora Ballet Cat is, and that’s because, even on Alibaba, you get what you pay for.


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Boxing Pistons
Boxing Pistons
24 days ago

Are these the same dicks that list a PICTURE of something on eBay versus the real article?

Last edited 24 days ago by Boxing Pistons
Ben Chia
Ben Chia
24 days ago

Well, it IS China. False advertising is rampant there.

Lost on the Nürburgring
Lost on the Nürburgring
24 days ago

Balletinger’s Cat in an advertising box both *costs* $755 and does *not cost* $755.

Ben Lamb
Ben Lamb
24 days ago

Shouldn’t SAIC-VW be able to sue these ballet cats out of existence?

Thomas Metcalf
Thomas Metcalf
24 days ago

Ok, so in the 4 Ora Ballet Cat banner ad, the 4th one calls it a “Women Car”. I guess that confirms that the Beetle is a chick car. Gotta love that Chinese sexism.

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