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Should I Give Up Some Luxury Features And $5000 To Get A BMW i3 With Twice The Range And Apple Carplay?

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It has come to my attention that there is a SMOKING HOT deal on a BMW i3 here in California, and I’m struggling to resist it. I should, because $15,000 isn’t cheap, but it’s for a 2019 BMW i3, which has twice as big a battery as my 2014, yielding twice the EV-only range. I could probably sell mine for $10,000ish, but would it be worth it? Help me decide!

Apple Carplay, twice the range, roughly half the odometer mileage, the new fascia, a less-worn steering wheel — these are a few of the benefits I would get if I bought the 2019 BMW i3 for sale near me. I’d have to plunk down $15 large, which will be a hard pill to swallow, but I’d get a $1000 rebate from my power company, so that’d be $14,000 plus tax, probably bringing me to about $15,500. I could sell my current i3 for probably $10,500, so all in I’d probably have to drop $4 or 5 grand to get those benefits. Is it worth it?

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

It might be? I mean, look at this beautiful golden-brown carbon fiber range-extended electric car:

Screen Shot 2024 02 28 At 3.26.23 Pm

Here’s the interior:


Screen Shot 2024 02 28 At 3.30.59 PmScreen Shot 2024 02 28 At 3.35.24 Pm

I love my dark gray 2014, too, and I prefer both its 19-inch wheels and its Giga World interior to the 2019’s above:

Screen Shot 2024 02 28 At 3.42.08 PmScreen Shot 2024 02 28 At 3.41.56 Pm

In fact, I love the car so much, I just made this effusive Instagram reel:


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You’ll notice that my i3 has the bigger screen and Harman Kardon audio system. Really, when it comes to the interior, this 2019 would be a downgrade. But the cabin still looks cool, plus it has Apple Carplay and I guess I could swap the seats and door panels…

Screen Shot 2024 02 28 At 3.34.37 Pm

But I don’t really need 150 miles of range. My i3’s 70-80 miles gets the job done 99 percent of the time, and that once percent isn’t using so much fuel that spending $5 grand on the 2019 would pay off anytime in the next decade.

That said, my i3’s original battery only lasted 135,000 miles and nine years; if I plan to keep this car for a while (and I do), buying a 2019 could allow me to put off replacing a battery for at least another nine years. In truth, I think the 2019’s battery pack will last even longer, as it’s an improved chemistry.

But now we’re talking almost a decade in the future. Who knows what the world’s battery situation will look like then; maybe I should just hold onto my $4-5 grand, keep enjoying a car whose problems I’m familiar with (it’s pretty much problem-free), and Love The One I’m With?


But that bigger battery and Apple Carplay are so tempting.



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Images of 2019 i3: Facebook Marketplace

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Tyler Anderson
Tyler Anderson
1 month ago

I’d say if you can find a buyer for $10k-ish, it’d be worth it to cut down on the overall mileage. Knowing what the i3 can do and wanting it to stick around before old Bimmers get bad, go for it!

1 month ago

I’m in a similar boat. Mine is a 2017, with the mid-sized battery good for about 100 miles.

I’m wondering if it makes more sense and less hassle to just keep running yours and eventually swap in a bigger battery? they will probably get a bit cheaper, I’m guessing. Also as Mark Kress suggested here, selling it may yield less than we would hope. with today’s interest rates the car market is a bit slow.

I mean hell, I’m picking up a 2012 Golf TDI from San Diego this afternoon and I was able to talk the price down by 12% because the seller is tired of waiting on offers.

Mark Kress
Mark Kress
1 month ago

Hate to break it to you but you’re probably not getting $10.5k for that. Prices have come down drastically on these earlier i3s.

1 month ago

David, the only logical answer is buy the 2019 and keep your current one too.

1 month ago

It is a BMW: retrofit the speakers and amplifier, as well the screen, as well anything that you find desirable.

67 Oldsmobile
67 Oldsmobile
1 month ago

I think you should leave it. Your current car seems to wok out fine for you and the battery has already been replaced for free. Keep it for 5-6 years or whatever and when it is done for you may want something newer anyway.

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