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Take The Hardest Taillight-As-Sushi Identification Quiz Ever

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I’m not going to lie to you. We’ve been through far, far too much together. I’m short-staffed today, the only editor, and it’s Friday. I’m riding the ragged edge here, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the best automotive content I can give you. But what is “best?” That’s a subjective term, isn’t it? Couldn’t “best” be, say, something goofy and fun and taken from a concept I did a few years ago back at the Old Site? Of course it can! Hell, I did that same thing just yesterday!

In this case, at this moment, with the time I have available, I’m happy to say that “best” is now a quiz where you try to figure out what taillight is being referenced in a hand-drawn bit of sushi. That’s right, everybody! It’s time for the Great Sushi Taillight Quiz, and this time, I think it’s the hardest one yet!

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I did the first one of these back in 2019, and I hadn’t wanted to repeat myself. But then I realized, well, why should The Old Site be the only place for Taillight Sushi quizzes? They shouldn’t? I came up with them, and I want to bring taillight sushi joy to all of you Autopians, here on the site I helped create. And, just for more fun, I think this batch is even more challenging. So, who’s feeling like a big shot? Ready to identify some sushi taillights?

As always, each drawing depicts a piece (sometimes pieces) of sushi composed of seaweed, rice, salmon, and tuna. Each piece is designed to look like a specific taillight. Put your guesses in the comments, and I’ll have a link to the answers below all of the sushis:




3.Sushi3 4.Sushi4


Okay! I feel like some of these are obvious, and some are deceptive, and one is likely pretty obscure. Here’s the answers! Make sure you put your guesses in the comments before checking the answers! Be honest, now!



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Bill Garcia
Bill Garcia
11 months ago

I guessed the 1st gen Rav 4 only – always had a thing for that small three door with the removable roof.

The current Jimny would be the closest thing available I think, but it’s unobtanium everywhere from what I heard.

The World of Vee
The World of Vee
11 months ago

Wow that was damn near impossible

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