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These Are The 5 Most Unwanted Star Wars Hot Wheels “Character Cars”


It’s May 4th, globally understood to be Star Wars Day, and since David is still on his press trip I can get away with doing some Star Wars content without having to justify it to David, who I’m pretty sure thinks Shrek was in Star Wars. Remember, David grew up in Germany thinking that entertainment was watching wandering mimes perform scenes from Struwwelpeterso he doesn’t know jack about pop culture. But we do, and since it is Star Wars Day, I want to talk about a unique automotive-related thing that the Star Wars franchise boasts: the largest selection of toy cars based on actual characters in any media franchise. Let’s talk about those a bit, and then I’ll reveal the Star Wars characters least desired to be translated into Hot Wheels form, according to my research.

In case you’re unaware of the line of Hot Wheels cars based on Star Wars characters, it’s a really unusual phenomenon. Hot Wheels designers make cars not based on actual vehicles, but rather as automotive adaptations of characters from the movies, basing the look of the car on the character’s general look and personality traits.

There’s a ton of these, too, ranging from popular, well-known characters like R2-D2 and Darth Vader:


…to more obscure characters like Nein Nunb and Maz Kanata:



As you can see, Hot Wheels designers have gotten remarkably good at translating human and alien and droid features into toy automotive forms. That little Isetta-like car with the huge headlights does very much suggest that small, queso-colored alien Maz Kanata, and the flappy face features of Nein Numb weirdly translate well into a sporty-looking car.

It’s a really specific skill to pull this off, and Hot Wheels designers have been doing it for a truly impressive number of characters, making me sort of wish this was a common practice for more media properties. Wouldn’t you like Hot Wheels versions of the cast of Succession? Or maybe Bridgerton? Of course you would.

Anyway, the sheer number of these character cars made me start wondering exactly which characters they wouldn’t turn into cars? I mean, they made a freaking Jar-Jar Binks one: