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This Glass-Walled Garage Is The Perfect Way To Show Off Your Cars At Home

Glass Garage

Most car enthusiasts love their vehicles from an aesthetic standpoint, putting in huge effort to keep their cars clean and shiny and well presented. Sometimes it’s a shame that we don’t get to admire our vehicles more often, given that they spend a great deal of time parked up in the garage. But what if you could gaze upon your cars from inside the comfort of your own home? Well, this Iowa house lets you do just that.

The home, identified by Twitter/X account Zillow Gone Wildis up for sale for $500,000 in Urbandale, Iowa. Constructed in 2020, the modern build has four bedrooms and three bathrooms across two stories, with a healthy 2,123 square feet of living area on a large 9,583-square foot lot. The real party piece, though? It’s the huge windows that serve as the walls of the garage.

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

Yes, you can sit in a comfortable chair and gaze straight into the two-bay car hold. The garage avoids completely throwing off the interior design of the house by virtue of being painted the same shade of white as the room it faces, though there is some visual clutter due to the door openers hanging from the ceiling. The garage itself has a rather fancy marbled floor, which looks stylish, but we wouldn’t want to drag a jack over it. The space is also styled curiously in the house listing, with a pair of comfortable-looking chairs facing away from the window. Surely, if you’ve gone to such great lengths to open up the visual into the garage, you might actually want to sit facing in that direction.


Regardless, it’s a neat feature, particularly for a house at this price point.  At it’s heart, it’s not that crazy a thing to include if you’re building a house from scratch. Instead of an interior wall, you’re just specifying some large internal glass panels instead. It’s clear that the owner prioritized this over some other features, too. The house is well-appointed in that it has a swimming pool out the back and a theatre setup in the finished basement, sure, but the landscaping outside leaves a lot to be desired. It looks like it may have been an afterthought compared to the garage.



Some landscaping would do wonders here.

Of course, it does bear noting that there are some compromises with this setup. It’s certainly a lot less fun to have your cars on display in the event that they’re filthy, covered in mud, or otherwise not looking their best. The glass panels are probably also a bit of a compromise when it comes to energy efficiency. A proper insulated wall between the home and the garage space would keep heat in better, reducing energy bills. While the house isn’t crazy expensive at half a million dollars, there are hints that the owner might be doing pretty well for themselves—like the Lamborghini and pink Bentley that star in the photos.

There’s ultimately something cool about being able to bring your cars into your home, even if it’s something usually reserved for the ultra-wealthy. If you’ve got cash stacked in the millions, you can pull off impressive feats like craning your McLaren hypercar into your penthouse apartment, or having a car elevator that brings your car right up to your lounge. This build offers a similar vibe in a house that, while not exactly cheap, is well below seven figures. If you’re an Iowa-based car enthusiast that’s looking for a new home for you and your rides, you could likely do worse than this.

Image credits: via Zillow

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Dr. Asteroid
Dr. Asteroid
5 months ago

I don’t mind the house. I also like the bare bones yard because I hate landscaping. Pools suck though. So do the cars in the garage.

5 months ago

I can see my car through glass too…because I don’t have a garage, and have to park it on the street.

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