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Watch The Daytona Xfinity Race Now And Chat With Bozi In Our Discord!

President Daytona

Hey y’all, remember how I was going to convince everyone to watch the NASCAR Xfinity Series this year and cheer on our pal/contributor Parker Kligerman? That’s gonna happen, you just watch, but it didn’t happen this weekend because it never stopped raining in Daytona. It just rained, and rained, and rained. But the rain has stopped, the Daytona 500 has happened and the race is finally, mercifully occurring.

If you’re at home, this is a perfect time to watch the race. If you’re at work, it’s 9 pm so you might as well also watch the race. Just have a random spreadsheet ready to switch to in case your boss comes around. Oh, you’re an Emergency Room doctor? Just find a sleeping patient.

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

The race is airing on FS1 if you have cable, on FoxSports.com if you’re into that, and also can be found, uh, other places without trying to look too hard.

Parker did a great job in qualifying, ending up 4th overall:

Parker Chyron


To sweeten the pot, I think I’m going to have a guest person on the Discord every time we do this (you can join the Discord here). This week’s guest is Bozi Tatarevic, the champion race mechanic, car writer, pie enthusiast, and all-around wonderful human being. He’ll be answering your questions and providing a lot of insight.

You can also chat here in the comments, but the Discord is where it’s at. Also, here’s a great weather meme we can enjoy now that the race is finally starting:

I think what I enjoy most about NASCAR are all the jokes. It’s funny. Is it the funniest motorsport? It’s up there.


Come watch with us!

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Diana Slyter
Diana Slyter
1 month ago

After 3 great days binge watching the Bathurst races, NASCAR on Faux is a major disappointment.

Jack Trade
Jack Trade
1 month ago

Here’s to it being better than the Cup Series race – it’s never fun when the big one takes out nearly 1/2 the field right at the end.

Jack Trade
Jack Trade
1 month ago
Reply to  Matt Hardigree

He was so close. You could see him looking for just the right moment then wham! But my heart was already broken when Burton crashed out on lap 4. Wood Brothers forever!

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