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Watch The NASCAR Xfinity Race This Weekend With Special Guest Brad Perez

With Brad

It’s Saturday, which means it’s time to watch some racing! The NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway is going to start at around 5:30 PM ET, or roughly an hour from now, and we’ll be talking on the Discord with our special guest: NASCAR driver, tire specialist, driving instructor, and all around lovable human being Brad “Bread” Perez.

I’ve decided that we, collectively, will watch all of the Xfinity NASCAR races this year for various reasons, including the fact that I think it’s some of the best racing every weekend (although the Cup race was amazing last Sunday) with a high-quality mix of drivers in some loud, old-school stock cars. Plus, the races are shorter and our pal/contributor Parker Kligerman is going for a championship this year.

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Joining us is Brad Perez who has worked his way up through the NASCAR ranks through a mixture of willpower, charisma, and a pretty great Twitter account. Here, just watch this:

It makes me laugh every time.


This weekend, Brad will be doing pit support/utility for the #43 Alpha Prime Racing Xfinity car and tires for the for #44 NY Racing Team Cup car. In between doing all of that, he’ll be popping into the Discord to update us on what’s going on with the racing, answering your questions, and probably just being a delight.

Nascar Xfinity Series 2023: Nascar Xfinity Series Alsco 300 March 04
#48: Parker Kligerman, Big Machine Racing, Big Machine Racing Spiked Chevrolet Camaro / Dylan Barr

If you want to know more about Las Vegas we got an excellent write-up from Aedan McHugh, the chief racing engineer for the JR Motorsports # car that you should absolutely read:

Welcome to Sin City for the first “real” race of the season at one of the most unique intermediate tracks on the schedule – Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The trickiest part about this place for both engineers and drivers is the bumps. Out here in the desert, the temperature changes from day to night are fairly extreme, from scorching heat during the day to freezing cold at night. This has created a fantastically challenging racing surface over the years.

last week Aedan popped into the chat mid-race, so who knows what’ll happen this race. Again, all the fun is happening in the Discord, which is the best way to watch the race.

Lead photo: Big Machine Racing Spiked Chevrolet Camaro / Dylan Barr

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