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What Are The Driving Bad-Behaviors That Frustrate You Most?

Stressed Woman Driving

“Don’t get me started,” amirite? As we can all attest, it’s just about impossible not to encounter ding-dongs of varying levels of ding-dongosity whenever one ventures out onto the roads. No matter how brief the trip, you’ll probably have at least one interaction with another motorist that causes you to experience at the very least mild dismay, at the very most complete brain-bogglement — or, somewhere in between, annoyance and full vein-throbbing outrage.

Vintage Driving Composit
Obviously, what you want to do in these situations is yell, “HAY, watch it!” (top image) and floor it while holding the horn button down (bottom image). It’s in the manual. Image: Etsy seller

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

Hopefully we’re all able to keep our emotions in check while we’re on the road (unhinged is never a good look), but it’s only human to feel frustrated when the other drivers you’re counting on to be safe, aware, and courteous (or at least not-dangerous) aren’t holding up their end of the bargain. And so we ask, what bad behaviors do you find most irksome when you’re behind the wheel? Obviously street racing, drunk-driving, or otherwise being willfully reckless are total no-goes–we’re talking about the day-to-day stuff isn’t wantonly illegal but just makes you nuts. Like driving down the street with daytime running lights and no taillights. Come on!

To the comments!

Top image: Guillermo Spelucin/stock.adobe.com

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Myk El
Myk El
11 months ago

I’m really growing to hate people that just don’t look far enough ahead and just can’t read what the overall traffic flow is doing. Frequent lane changes trying to find the fastest one and just slowing us all down.

Christopher Glowacki
Christopher Glowacki
11 months ago

Well picture the scenario: you are driving down a main road with a fairly high maybe 60mph speed limit. You are doing 60mph. Traffic is light or even nearly nonexistent. Half a mile or a bit more down the road is another vehicle looking to turn onto the same main road from a parking lot or intersection. Other driver has plenty of time to make their turn, obviously sees you coming. Other driver sitting there waiting. As you are almost upon them, other driver darts out in front of you at the last moment. Other driver then proceeds to tootle along at 35mph, forcing you to slam on your brakes to avoid spectacularly rear-ending the other moronic driver and having to wonder whether you will need a mechanic or a proctologist. It seems to be a common enough practice in the suburbs surrounding Austin, Tx that I’m forced to come to the conclusion that driving like an asshat must be taught as part of their driver’s ed curriculums. I’m looking at you, Round Rock, Georgetown, Hutto, and especially you Pflugerville. And I’m also looking at you city of Austin for the entirety of Parmer Lane

J Money
J Money
11 months ago

One that always infuriates me is when lousy drivers swing out wide to make a turn. This often puts them into the other lane or shoulder where they should not be. You’re not driving a big rig, dummy. Even your SUV can just make a normal left turn without swinging out wide to the right.

Lawrence Brown
Lawrence Brown
11 months ago

Operators who need two full blocks of traffic free space, in each direction, in order to make a left onto a six lane divided highway. Especially when they make a false start and then shift into reverse, neglecting to shift back into drive.

Phantom Pedal Syndrome
Phantom Pedal Syndrome
11 months ago

Risky question to toss at the peanut gallery.
If this wasn’t The Autopian I bet a lot of the comments would read like you asked: What insults do you hurl at other drivers in traffic?

I guess it’s a testament to your website and readership that the comments are so polite.
Not a single “that’s how Hitler would drive” in the mix.

Last edited 11 months ago by Phantom Pedal Syndrome
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