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Which Current Car Model Would You Kill To Resurrect An Old One?

Autopian Asks Sacrifice

Once again we turn to you, the most learned and dare we say attractive readers of the interwebs, for your answers to a piping-hot question fresh from the collective pizza oven of of our minds. As you know (but here’s a hyperlink if you don’t), GM just killed the Chevy Bolt. Yes, the Bolt arrived with some teething pains, but The General got the affordable EV sorted and it’s been a popular choice for budget-conscious buyers looking to electric power. So obviously, it had to die. Other vehicles that were more deserving of the Bolt’s fate quickly came to mind when we heard the news, which brought us to today’s question:

Which current car model would you sacrifice so a previously-offed car could live again–and which defunct model would you bring back?

We’ll see you in the comments! And now, let’s take a look at trends and choice replies from last week’s Autopian Asks, which asked for your opinions on optimal infotainment screen size and configration:
Autopian Answers Transp

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

Most of you focused on screen size, and a common refrain was that bigger is not better. About eight inches seemed to be the sweet spot for screen size, and more than a few of you wished for double-DIN standardization. Eggsalad says he’s fine with a mere 20 x 60mm (0.8 x 2.4″) screen. Yours truly remembers when having a digital clock in the dash seemed like futuristic stuff, so I get it.

8 Inch Crew 2

Hugh Crawford (we’re giving you capital letters, Hugh) definitely makes a solid point about the frustrating screen-darkening effect polarized lenses have on infotainment visuals, and we bet a bunch of you are also in the take-off-your-sunglasses-to-see-the-backup-camera-view club. Very annoying. But not as annoying as a too-bright, un-dimmable screen at night, as DDRDAN experienced in a Mercedes C-class. As someone who chooses dark-mode for every app that supports it, I would find a vivid white screen to be intolerable. Thankfully, I’m approximately all of the dollars away from owning a C-class, so it’s all good.


Polarized Too Bright

Now get to commenting, and tell us which meh cars must die so good ones gone to soon may live again!

Images: Exited guy: khosrork/stock.adobe.com; Chevy Bolt: GM; BMW XM: BMW

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Max Finkel
Max Finkel
1 year ago

Kill: Ford Escape
Revive: Ford Probe as an EV

Kill: Macan
Revive: 928-type GT

Kill: Urus
Revive: Jalpa

Kill: any one of the crossovers, I can’t keep them all straight
Revive: Up! GTI

Kill: Infiniti QX60 shitty crossover
Revive: Infiniti M45 baller outlaw sedan as an EV in exactly the body it used to have

1 year ago
Reply to  Max Finkel

I like the way you think mfinkel!

And since it’s late and I’m feeling lazy:

Kill: any/everything currently made by Nissan, since the Cube and Juke are already gone. Apparently, weird doesn’t sell. 🙁

Revive: Saab, with its handful of models, though updated as EVs or at least PHEVs. One old Saab 99 or 900 has more charm and allure than an entire showroom full of Altimas, Pathfinders, and Rogues.

So say we all! 😀

Tim Connors
Tim Connors
1 year ago

Kill: Over the top performance trucks–TRX, Raptor.

Bring back: I dunno, healthier ways of dealing with a midlife crisis?

Tim Connors
Tim Connors
1 year ago

Kill: The F-150 as primarily a suburban dad false machismo machine (no offense to suburban dads, I am one).
Bring back: Owning a trailer.

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