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You Can Buy A Supercharged AMG Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen For Less Than A New Ford Bronco

G Wagen G55 Amg Gavel Gazing 2

Nearly three years since the Ford Bronco rose from the ashes, it’s still one of the hottest things in Ford’s portfolio. From an explosion of aftermarket support to incredible demand, Dearborn’s proper off-roader is both a head-turner and a relatively scarce sight on dealer lots.

However, it’s not the only incredibly desirable off-roader you can get for average new vehicle money. If you can’t find a Bronco and have just over $40,000 sitting in your checking account, you could be driving a used G-Wagen.

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

It’s funny, when the new Bronco launched, there was some moaning in online comments sections about the lack of a V8 engine. Cut to 2024, and you can buy a properly off-road capable SUV for Bronco money with not just a V8, but a supercharged one at that.

Mercedes-Benz G55 Amg Grand Edition Front

So, what sort of G55 AMG can you get for Bronco money, and would it be worth rolling the dice on? Well, let’s find out.


What Are We Looking At?

Mercedes Benz G55 Amg Grand Edition Profile G-Wagen

At this point, thanks to a superstar client list, pretty much everyone and their mother know what a G-Wagen is. It’s a former military vehicle built in Austria, refined just enough to attract the attention of jet-setters from Malibu to Montauk. Featuring low range, a solid front axle, triple locking differentials, and a proper ladder frame, the G-Wagen as we know it in America is Bear Grylls in Dior. It’s ready for anything, even if it’ll be primarily used for mall crawling.

Mercedes-Benz G55 Amg Grand Edition Engine

The G55, sold from model years 2005 to 2012, is a bit special because it’s the first AMG G-Class officially sold in America. Featuring the mighty supercharged 5.4-liter M113K V8 engine from the E55 AMG, this 469-horsepower telephone booth was once the most powerful SUV in the world, and it’s still reasonably quick today. A manufacturer-claimed zero-to-62 mph time of 5.6 seconds should still dust most Wrangler and Broncos, all while making an amusing array of intoxicating noises.

Mercedes-Benz G55 Amg Grand Edition Interior G-Wagen


Throwing the engine from a premier supersedan into an ex-military off-road produces amusing results, and Auto Express magazine seemed to like it, writing that “The G55 AMG has bags of character and, crucially, feels built to last for a million miles.” Bingo. You buy a G-Class because even though it’s expensive, it feels worth it, can go just about anywhere you please, and is a proper laugh.

How Much Are We Talking?

2008 Mercedes Benz G55 Amg Bring A Trailer 1 G-Wagen

Well, since Ford nixed the base Bronco for 2024, the cheapest Big Bend two-door model stickers for $41,025 with zero options. Anything under that is fair game, and believe me, there are a ton of G55 AMGs under that price cap. This 2008 G55 AMG sold on Bring A Trailer literally yesterday for $32,777, although you will have to put up with a few flaws for that sort of price.

2008 Mercedes Benz G55 Amg Interior

This thing may have 92,000 miles on the clock and one hit on the Carfax, but neither of those things are a big worry. The larger concern is that the listing description notes that “rust is shown on the left A-pillar, on the left front door sill, and around the rear wiper fluid nozzle.” Still, I bet you could clean that up for the price difference between this and a new Bronco, and you’ll have an awesome Austrian off-road bruiser once you’re done.


Mercedes Benz G55 Amg Cars And Bids Modified G-Wagen

If that report of rust scares you, here’s a 2005 G55 AMG that’s been updated to look like a newer G63 AMG, and it recently sold on Cars & Bids for $36,002. Sure, the modifications aren’t to everyone’s tastes, but this G55 has a squeaky-clean Carfax, a pretty nice set of Falken all-terrain tires, history of routine maintenance, and wicked diamond-stitched butterscotch seat inserts. With 95,500 miles on the clock, it’s not exactly new, but it could still be an exceptionally fun rig.

Mercedes Benz G55 Amg Grand Edition 1

If you want a weird piece of G-Wagen history, this 2005 G55 Grand Edition sold on Bring A Trailer in December for $37,500. Sure, it has 151,000 miles on the clock, a hit on the Carfax, and proof of extensive paintwork, but these Grand Edition models were supposed to be last-call runout specials because Mercedes-Benz was planning on discontinuing the G-Class in America. Well, that move backfired, partly because these SUVs printed money and had seriously famous fans, and Mercedes-Benz extended the life of the G-Wagen to the present day.

What Goes Wrong?

G-Wagen Rear Sam


The big common issue on these cars is the rear signal acquisition module. If you get lots of error messages for bulbs being out and miscellaneous body malarky, this is almost guaranteed to be the culprit. Replacement at a Mercedes-Benz dealer will run you around $2,000 including programming, although an independent specialist should be able to do the job for less, provided they have Mercedes-Benz’s STAR diagnostics and coding system.

It’s generally a good idea to replace the crank position sensor proactively every 80,000 miles, but with a mounting location on the bellhousing, plenty of ground clearance to get underneath, decent access, and a parts cost of around $175, this is an incredibly easy DIY. Likewise, door lock actuators do have a habit of going out, and they cost about $123 each from FCP Euro. The Mercedes-Benz conductor plate specter also looms over these rigs, but seeing as all G55s used the five-speed automatic transmission, conductor plate replacement isn’t a huge deal.

G-Wagen Rust

Whenever you’re looking at a G55 AMG, keep a close eye on any rust bubbling up from seams and edges of panels. These SUVs certainly aren’t immune to corrosion, and fixing rust is incredibly expensive, if you can find anyone willing to do it at all. Otherwise, these W463s primarily suffer from just general used car wear-and-tear. Brakes wear out, bushings wear out, CV joints wear out, lather, rinse repeat. These are just downsides to buying any used car over a new car

Should You Buy One?

Mercedes Benz G55 Amg Grand Edition Rear


Normally, buying a heavily depreciated German luxury car over any new vehicle is a terrible idea filled with maintenance pitfalls and continued depreciation. However, given the relative solidity of the G55 AMG and the problems Ford’s been having with the Bronco, I’d say a second-hand G55 AMG is worth a look, provided you can find one in a condition you deem acceptable. Sure, you don’t get the open-top experience or the highway sophistication of independent front suspension, but as far as extremely capable off-road icons go, the G-Wagen is right up there.

(Photo credits: Bring A Trailer, Cars & Bids)

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Linh Luu
Linh Luu
22 days ago

We thought the same thing back in 2021 and brought home a 2005 in the same gray over black. We loved owning it for just about two years and then selling it for more than we paid. Sure, they’re old, ride like a tractor and can not get 13 miles per gallon on the highway even if we were careful but they’re still somehow so enjoyable. From the way the doors latch to the substantial build quality, ours always found a way to bring a smile. The M113K and 5G-tronic transmission pairing is incredible and quite robust with few foibles. We ended up selling ours because we knew we could get more and we are more often driving our W126 S-classes around.

22 days ago

I just felt like the Germans saw what Cadillac did to the Suburban and were like, “Hold mien bier!”

Last edited 22 days ago by Ok_Im_here
23 days ago

“It’s funny, when the new Bronco launched, there was some moaning in online comments sections about the lack of a V8 engine. Cut to 2024, and you can buy a properly off-road capable SUV for Bronco money with not just a V8, but a supercharged one at that. So, what sort of G55 AMG can you get for Bronco money, and would it be worth rolling the dice on? Well, let’s find out.” x 2

The Dude
The Dude
23 days ago

This is probably the only Mercedes I’d buy used. Actually, this and the S class are the only Mercedes I’d consider even buying new. Since most of these are mall crawlers they’ll be fresh for off-road use.

I’m not sure I’d buy an AMG model though. I’m just going to assume a non-AMG model is going to have far fewer issues down the road.

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