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1996 Ford Probe! Cold Start

1996 Ford Probe

When I was a senior in college my girlfriend lived in an apartment complex way off campus. In many ways, I had the nicer and more convenient apartment, but she had better parking so we stayed at her place most of the time. Also, her apartment had a 1996 Ford Probe in the parking lot with fire decals on the front clip and a giant decal that said “1996 Ford Probe” above the front windshield.

Ford ProbThis was, to us, the funniest thing imaginable. I’m a huge fan of this era of Probe and it’s on my list of cars I’d buy if the perfect one jumped onto my plate. Still, every time we walked by the car one of us would exclaim “1996 FORD PROBE!” It was impossible to resist.

It’s become a shorthand with my girlfriend (now wife) every time we see a car that proudly proclaims itself in some way, no matter what it is, one of us says:


Photos: Ford

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