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Attention: Autopian Meetup With David And Torch This Thursday Near Detroit!


How’s your week going? Fine? Just okay? A miserable slog? Well, if it’s not what you’d hoped it would be, boy do I have a solution for you: the Second First Official Informal Autopian Reader Meetup will be taking place this Thursday, in some parking lot in Troy, Michigan at 6:30 pm, and both David and I will be there to listen to you talk about cars, laugh, cry, and express our sincere appreciation that you’re a part of this madness. See? Everything’s gonna be fantastic after all!

I do need to mention that, contrary to other notices you may have seen on the internet or in flyers around town, this meetup will not offer you the chance to “strike Torch or Tracy with a wood plank, tire iron, sack of doorknobs, or other implement of your choice.” I’m not saying we won’t offer such a service at future meetups, but that is, again, not part of this one.

The same goes for other notices you may have seen suggesting that either David or I will be willing to “drink motor oil, new or used,” or “do anything for $7,” because we have not agreed to any of these conditions, even if our own PR department seems to be the source of the misinformation.

What we will be doing is happily interacting with you and scrutinizing any interesting cars you may have brought! Also, what the hell, if you bring paper and a pen, I’ll draw you a car. Maybe my choice, maybe yours. We’ll see.

Chances are David’s Holy Grail manual Jeep ZJ will be there, and possibly the mold-infested Scion xB running on three cylinders I limped up here for some video shoots.

The Autopian Meetup will take place at 6:30 in the friscalating dusklight of the evening, in the parking lot of the Walmart (classy!) at 2001 West Maple Road, Troy, Michigan, 48084.

Also, holy shit, if you’re going to be in the Walmart parking lot anyway, you should take advantage of this incredible deal on vegetable spirals!

Man, is there any kind of spiral better than a veggie spiral? And, no, before you say it, the rumor that these are just pubes from the Jolly Green Giant has been proven to be untrue by several independent sources, so I don’t even know why you’re bringing that up.

Seriously, grow up.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see everybody there! Autopians unite!


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59 Responses

  1. If the two of you ever do this in Cali please post well enough ahead some of us could attend, lots of miles to go pretty much wherever, no doubt people would. I could make jokes, but I love the fact you’re doing this as all. Just getting this website up and running is a real accomplishment, this is extra.

  2. One of these times I am going to bite the bullet and drive up to Troy, but you have to give us a bit more notice. for some reason my wife is not fond of me abandoning her and my child for entire days. Something about lingering PTSD from all the shitboxes I would drive across the country to buy for less than 1k in my wild youth.

  3. I would love to come, but have discovered this week that Mopar 727 transmissions aren’t quite as indestructible as rumored, so my ’65 Chrysler is currently yard art. 🙁

  4. Not sure on the distance from here, but according to google maps, it’s about 22hrs flying time each way. maybe I can catch up with DT and Mercedes when they come to OZ, the land down under.

  5. Fellow Troy resident who drives past the Jeep graveyard on the regular. I’m expecting to be able to drop by.

    No barely-running vehicles but I do drive a GTI, which was seemingly the official reader vehicle of the old place.

  6. Dang it! Tonight’s our 15th wedding anniversary and we’ve promised each other we’d hit Taco Bell for the return of the Mexican Pizza. But this transplanted Michigan dude could sure use a Coney Island and a Vernors. Have fun.

  7. Thanks for holding this event guys! Quite a few interesting cars I never thought I would see in real life (TVR and AZ-1) and you finally had a meetup while my 928 wasn’t in the shop!

  8. Thanks for the fun meetup, dipshits! I’m not even mad that I hit a pothole on the way home and ruined a tire. Well I’m a little mad, but that’s life.

    I hope the guy with the Lambo wasn’t offended that we crowded around a Roadmaster and Autozam instead. I mean I’ve seen more Lambos in person than kei cars, and that Roadmaster’s multi position tailgate was pretty sweet.

  9. Given that Traverse City is only three and a half hours away, I almost came down.

    But, also given that the Greyhound bus I was planning on driving gets 4 miles to the gallon of diesel, I had to weigh the economic benefits of a face-to-face meeting.

    It was close, but alas…

  10. That was another great meetup, and I stayed out way too late for a weeknight. What a great mix of cars that I’ve never seen before in person and the conversation is always so interesting. As DT promised, the rain (mostly) held off. Torch, it was great to meet you too and I hope the group had enough interesting taillights for you. And whoever brought and gave you a taillight to take home was awesome!

  11. Side prize for whomever has the biggest rat’s nest hidden in their HVAC from sitting all winter. I’m allowed to judge and compete because I have no idea how bad mine is.

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