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Australia Is Like If England Had A Texas – The Autopian Podcast

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It’s Wednesday, so that means it’s time for another The Autopian podcast, this time coming to you from the three biggest cities for car culture: Los Angeles, Chapel Hill, and Dubbo. That’s right, David’s podcasting all the way from remote Australia. And how does he feel about Oz?

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No matter where in the world David goes, it always seems like he’s found the least exciting corner of it to podcast from. Watch as he realizes that he’s left one of the nice weeks in Detroit to go to Australia, where it’s cold!

What’s breakfast down under? An ANZAC biscuit and some tea. What’s Australia like? It’s a great line, but it’s basically true: Australia is like if England had a Texas. Why is he there? A reader pointed out there’s a Valiant Ute in Australia and he had to go buy it and try to get it running.

This is an insane thing to do, of course, so it’s worth listening to why David does it. I mean, just look at the dipstick in this thing:



Later on the crew talks about the 2023 VW ID.Buzz that Jason reviewed and reflected on what it’ll take to get the world into electric vehicles.

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I’m embedding the three most recent episodes below if you want to listen to it from your browser.



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