Cold Start: Big Fan

Cs Bigfan

Looking at these pictures, it feels good to see that the 1962 Fiat 1800B had at least one huge fan out there, doesn’t it?


You had a nice long Cold Start yesterday. Today you just get this one gag.


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23 Responses

  1. When I was a kid I had this awesome toy set that came with rolling “frames” for toy cars, and molds that you could press aluminum foil into in order to make bodies for them. The result was a foil-bodied car that you could paint with markers, then thoroughly wreck into an oblivion of twisted metal before starting all over again. Like I said… awesome.

    Anyway, this car totally reminds me of a tinfoil car body on a plastic toy frame.

    1. I had something like that, but came with plastic sheets and instead of foil. The thing was basically an easybake oven adapted for vacuum molding. Never did work very well, but molding the body shells was great fun

  2. A common sight in 1960’s Fiat car photoshoots, large fans were needed to blow off excess condensation forming on the cars during the wet season in that mediterranean climate. Experience told them that cars would actually rust through during the photoshoots otherwise.

    1. So the fan needed to be in the picture? I refute your logic and replace it with my own. Which is so damn hot wear suits to demonstrate regal, professional or business and yeah cool the damn people off under hot lights. I apologize I’m just that guy who is spock like in logic.

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