Cold Start: Donkey Kong, Behind The Scenes


Look at this charming old 1948 Panhard truck illustration and tell me it doesn’t seem like the very vehicle that supplied noted angry gorilla Donkey Kong with his supply of barrels to fling at young Jumpman, later to legally change his name to Mario, on that famous construction site. It’s not entirely clear what was in those barrels at a construction site, anyway. Nails? Rivets? Salt pork? I can’t say I’ve noticed a lot of barrels at construction sites in general. Oil/fuel drums, maybe.


Anyway, Panhard made some appealing old trucks, and I adore this old illustration style, so I hope you can enjoy it as well. Hope your weekend is full of security, silence, visibility, loge-ability (?), comfort, and accessibility, like the triangles say.

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27 Responses

  1. Every time I see an old ad here I immediately wonder if I can find one of those cars floating around in the market before I catch myself realizing it’ll invariably be old and slow and I don’t actually want one any more than I want a Triumph Spitfire or Beetle or other alteady-cheap old car.

  2. I’m just chuckling at the fact that the Herb garden has started stealing content from here.

    And rolling my eyes clear out of my head as privileged, wealthy white guys insist anyone can just go get a reliable car for under $500 a month right now.

  3. The Wikipedia page for Panhard is a wild ride. The ownership thread alone…selling to Citroën in the 60s before being sold to Auverland (what better name for a French off-road vehicle company) before selling to Renault Trucks which is actually part of Volvo. They made some nice looking cars, tho.

      1. Trazodone. They said 1.5 pills twice a day but a single dose that size turned my 60lb dog into a puppy puddle – even if she wanted to, she had no ability to stand up. Now I just give her one pill before it gets dark enough outside for the fireworks to start and she is less likely to stress out but can still function.

        1. I will have to bring this up with my vet. We have a 60lb not-quite-puppy-anymore who will not abide having her nails clipped. Last I had her in I got a stern talking to for the state of them, before the vet and two helpers tried and failed to do the job. They sent us home with a couple doggy xans, but they were not enough to make a difference.

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