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Cold Start: It Begins


Hello, fellow Autopians! Here it is, the first week after the launch, and now we have to keep filling up this site with top-notch car-stuff for you to enjoy. We’re excited. Maybe a little scared. No, that’s the wrong word; I meant frightened. Much better.

[Cold Start is how we’re going to start our days, with an interesting automotive image, and a bit of text. Our way of saying good morning as we pull the choke and try to get started. –Ed]

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

I picked this AMC lineup to start for kind of symbolic reasons: AMC was always sort of the underdog, which is how we’re starting out, but they were always clever and strange and fun and those are all qualities I hope we have, too.

Granted, I’d prefer a different outcome for The Autopian (Powered by Optima Batteries) than AMC, but maybe if Renault wants to pour a lot of cash in us like they did AMC, that could be okay.

Also, I’ll leave it to you to decide who is the Pacer, Hornet, or Gremlin. I’m torn between Pacer and Hornet for myself.


We have great things coming, but we are a bit understaffed at the moment, so I’ll ask some forgiveness up front: if there’s a typo or two, or the pace isn’t exactly as quick as you’d like, just know we’re trying our best, and will always try to do better.

We want to give you the best place for automotive enjoyment possible, and want you here, every day! So, please, stick around, share the things you like, and give us plenty of feedback–this is your site, too.

Okay, time to write. See you in the comments!

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2 years ago

My parents bought a 1971 Sportabout new, in Lime Gold. We traveled from PA to FL in it…no AC, and a record red tide that summer (yes, summer).

It was handed down to me after my marvelous/dreadful Fiat 128SL rusted apart in a very short period of time. It ultimately had dents on every panel, including the roof when a bicyclist went over the top (the car was in Park at the time).

When I moved to NYC in 1979, Dad took it back and sold it to a “collector”.

It now resides in the AACA in Hershey, PA. And I own a 5-door hatchback now that I’ve retired and left NYC (2015 Fit).

2 years ago

Wonderful, I just found this new site, and I’m thrilled to see the names of a few authors that I have been reading for years elsewhere.

Waaaaay back in high school I had a ’71 Gremlin X, Yellow/Black, Levi interior, 258 ci I6, 3 on the floor. I loved that car! And honestly, over the years I have just learned to just ignore all those who don’t. And in hindsight it’s kinda funny because as I got older and had more money to spend on cars, about the only things I bought were 3-door hot hatches. The Gremlin X started all that for me.

Vetatur Fumare
Vetatur Fumare
2 years ago

Renault should divest from Lada and spend the money here instead.

2 years ago

Thanks guys for doing this.

My heart sank a bit when I read the announcement that JT was leaving the previous site and doubly so when DT was leaving as well. And on the same day. That was about 90% of my daily car/wrenching infotainment.

Patience has paid off and here you both are with all of the amazing content and whimsical writing that I enjoy. Thank you and your whole team. Whomever you’ve rallied around you they deserve kudos as the articles are well done and the writing top notch.

Keep it up

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