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Cold Start: Meet Chevy’s First Quad Rectangular Headlight Car, The Monza 2+2


I know I mentions headlights in the, well, headline, and here I am showing the rear, but I just loved this old brochure-painting too much, with what’s-her-name over there and her sassy canary yellow duffel bag and that belt that looks like it could act as a tow strap, in a pinch.

Also, I always liked the look of these Monzas, this one from 1975, which sort of fit in the same general category of American hatchbacks like the Pinto and the Pacer; they all shared some odd proportions and detail choices from the rear, and I kinda like them: wide butts, rectangular taillights, clean lines, minimal detail, big windows–you get it.

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

I also really like some of the other details of the car that were chosen to be highlighted in the brochure:

Those rectangular headlights, of course, which were hot shit in 1975, and, yes, this was the first time Chevy (well, in America, at least) attempted to deliver four of them per car. Could Americans handle it? We just didn’t know, but we did know those rubber impact strips were cushiony.


Honestly, making a point that cabin air “exits through a new place for American cars” is just kinda weird. Were Americans clamoring for new places for their air to exit?

So the steering wheel is “a nifty size?” Oh, okay, thanks for that, nifty steering wheel sizing was at the very top of my list of requirements for a new car. I may have settled for a keen-sized or even neat-sized wheel, but I’m glad I won’t have to.

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Scott W.
Scott W.
2 years ago

Did I realize the first car I drove – ‘borrowed’ from the garage after my Grandpa went to sleep, after Ma went off to the night shift at the hospital – had the POWER and BRILLIANCE of twin-quad headlamps?
I did not.
Always thought Gramps was super-cool – now I know for sure.
Also very comfy car to drive two-to-three blocks at a time, diving to the curb to park whenever headlights showed up on the road ahead! Oh what passed for excitement when you’re 13 in upstate NY! :ps:

Phantom Pedal Syndrome
Phantom Pedal Syndrome
2 years ago

When your goal is to compete with the Mustang II and you nail it… the result is another crapbox.
I love the headlights though. It looks like a golden retriever watching you eat but trying not to make eye contact.

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