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Cold Start: Tree Parking

Cs Opeltrees

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but back in the late 1930s, the preferred way to convey how much status you had was to park next to just the right kind of tree. This is how people would show off, finding just the right sort of willow sapling to park really close to, letting everyone know they were people of refinement and taste. This was called arboreaching, and Opel was more than happy to use it to sell Kapitäns.

I mean, they sure do look great next to some trees, don’t they? And, by using an illustration instead of a photograph, Opel was able to really get the ideal look of the trees, so you know that Opel owner was classy as fudge.

Cs Opellight

Also notable are these amazing creased headlights Opel was using, in this short-lived era before standardized sealed-beams but also enough technological development to make shaped, custom headlights, which wouldn’t re-appear until the late 1980s, at least in America, 1960s or so for Europe.

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25 Responses

  1. Torch, I’m surprised and a little disappointed. I’ll chalk it up to the travel though.

    But how could you not mention the AMC “SST” series? And what did SST stand for? “Super Sonic Transport.” And boy howdy did they mean it.

  2. Didn’t care much for the Supersonic when I first saw photos. But, 30 or so years ago, I came across one in a Southern California restoration shop and was jazzed. What a gorgeous design! I’d put it a close second to Scaglione’s B.A.T. designs, which are also more stunning in person than they are in photos. Though, to be clear, they photograph extremely well….

    Waiting for the Autopian take on the Supersonic. I’m sure Jason will weigh in, at least on the taillights. Those little Fiat V8s are pretty neat, too.

  3. I see an article about Opel Capitans parking next to trees.
    I see comments mostly about Fiat Supersonics (one one confusing comment about finding one’s cell phone).

    Am I having a stroke or is it everybody else?

    1. The earlier Cold Start had a different car and a curiously short mention of getting drunk at David’s birthday celebration and losing a cell phone. I’m really waiting for the end of that story!

    2. Same here. Who spiked my coffee?
      I was thinking about 1930’s Opels getting bird crapped under the linden trees but what is everyone else talking about?

  4. So, what happened to the supersonic? I feel like I was trolled or gaslit. I knew there was a different cold start post, but I went and read Mercedes’ bus article from last night. When I returned to the main page, there was a different article; a glitch in the Matrix…

  5. I love the “Lean back and look to the right” of the guy behind the red one.
    A look that would come back around in the 21st Century in the standard Realtor Photo Set

  6. The styling is almost ridiculously American, in a Graham meets Oldsmobile way, it’s interesting that the styling themes are so close to GM North America, but still distinct enough that it doesn’t really emulate any one other brand

    1. It’s a little like seeing Australian Ford and GM products from the ’60s and ’70s. Like you’re living Ray Bradbury’s “A Sound of Thunder.”

  7. perhaps they were trying to hide the rear doors? suicide doors were still ok I think, but for a while there 2 doors was the only way to show status….lol

  8. “Let me take you on a little trip
    My supersonic ship’s at your disposal
    If you feel so inclined. Well alright.
    We’re gonna travel faster than light
    So do up your overcoat tight
    And you’ll go anywhere you want to decide. Well alright.
    Too many people side by side
    Got no place to hide.”

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