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Cold Start: The Jacket Sling

Cs Kadett

The shorthands used for “cool” are a lot of strange, arbitrary things. The sunglasses can suggest not an oversensitivity to light, but also an oversensitivity to light caused by, say, drinking too much, which could be considered a byproduct of the “cool” behavior of binge alcoholism, I guess. But the jacket-sling-over-the-shoulder? That’s a tricky one. Is it cool to misjudge one’s temperature and be forced to carry, instead of wear, a jacket? Maybe? Especially if your Opel Kadett is yellow-and-black.

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26 Responses

  1. A jacket over the shoulder is 10 times better than a sweater tied around the neck. And Aviators will always be the best looking sunglasses.

  2. I think the jacket sling means you’re responsible enough to be prepared for many possible eventualities, but in a casual, non-uptight boy scout about it sort of way. Like driving an economical compact car with a flashy paint job and some nice wheels in an era with many fuel crisises.

  3. Hey, this is Germany we’re talking about. The sweater is for warmth. The jacket is water-resistant in case of rain. Or, in German: derRegenmantelfürdenFalldassdasWetterschlechtwird
    And of course, he’s also got a super cool plaid rain hat that matches the upholstery.

    1. Or warm at sea level going up in the mountains to ski layer so will need the warmth. I’ve lived in several areas where sea level is beach weather and an hour away you can snow ski. Awesome if you got the money. I didn’t.

  4. This image sums up what it looks like to get kicked out of the Yacht club because you traded the Merc for a lowly Opel, despite the fact that you were the dude that hooked up all the billionaire bankers in the club with the finest of Columbian marching powders. Either that, or you were just hoping that Hanna Barbera were looking for new ideas for a cartoon at the time and that you could sell them your image.

  5. “When you get up in the morning, the light hurts your head
    The first thing you do when you get up out of bed, is hit that streets a-runnin
    And try to beat the masses, and go get yourself some cheap sunglasses….”

      1. Couple reasons. Pre-smog, the engine in the B would be easier to tweak. Also, under the skin, I believe the B is basically an Opel GT. Lots of parts availability.

        Above and beyond the fact that it’s simply more handsome.

  6. I learned how to drive when I was 14 by going up and down our driveway in a base yellow Opel Kadett. In my imagination I looked just like this guy. Of course, in my imagination it was an Opel GT. I was also on the same line as Gordie Howe.

  7. Let’s be honest here. Good looking dude in good shape, good haircut, probably at supercuts, aftermarket sunglasses, members only jacket, probably wearing knockoff docksider shoes, JCPenney sweater. UNCOOL. But swap in a 911, Sperry docksiders, custom wool sweater, Porsche jacket, aviator sunglasses, $100 haircut exactly the same cut, and now what do you have? Rich guy small penis who is a frigging deueschbag. Porsche dicks keep trying to pass the small dick thing onto every other car and truck owner but if my sister and her hot friends who won’t be more than friends are to be believed. Middle aged Porsche drivers who follow the crowd are the teeny tiny penis crowd.

  8. In this car it’s cool because he’s going to pick up the ladies and be out after dark, so cool!

    Really though, I always dug the design of those Opels.

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