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Cold Start: The Most Robotheadic Fiat Truck

Cs Fiattruck

There’s an unusual amount of workhorse trucks, usually cabover style, with front ends that feel unusually well-suited to being the head of a robot. And not just any robot: usually mid-century schlocky sci-fi robots with a lot of personality and really clunky movements. This 1966 Fiat 625 N is just the sort of truck I’m talking about.

Don’t believe me? Look at this:


Tell me that doesn’t work incredibly well. You can’t, because it does. Bleep bloop bleep blonk.

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23 Responses

  1. Honda Acty always gave me a similar vibe. I mean, a lot of them have little personalities, but it seems like it has the face of a friendly robot in some sci-fi future where they do all the menial tasks we’d rather not.

  2. I just noticed your photoshop robot has a human controller inside its head! I hope he’s not a mad scientist hell-bent on taking his rage out on the city.

    1. Once we get the ability to post images (come soon, oh Blessed Day for which us Millenarian Autopians have been praying for since March 32nd) I shall share some choice pages from the 1967 Japanese Auto Manufacturers’ Yearbook. There were triple-cab versions of some of these late ’60s cabover trucks which look simply absurd.

    1. Nope because look at both pictures. The guy is in the right hand seat but in the other photo you can see the steering wheel on the left. So creepy passenger guy?

  3. Really? What COE vehicle can’t you do this to? Heck even VW, Dodge, or other cargo van. Doesn’t take a robotics genius just the ability to post.

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