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Die Cuts To Die For: Cold Start

Cs Angliabrocure1

Before the internet, life was different. Pornography was accessed by discovering piles of ratty Oui magazines out in the woods, stacked next to abandoned mattresses, and if you had terrible ideas you had to write a lot of letters to the editors of newspapers in the desperate hopes of letting the world know what an idiot you were. It’s so different now. That includes how carmakers informed you of what they were doing: there were no richly-animated carmaker websites. Instead, there were brochures that you had to steal from your uncle, and some of these were really wonderful. Like this 1959 Ford of Britain brochure for the Anglia.

The Anglia’s big styling hook was that reverse-raked rear window, and the whole brochure has been die-cut to resemble that. It’s very clever, and the art inside is spectacular. These were scanned by Howard Nourse, by the way, so thank you, Howard.

Cs Anglia2 Cs Anglia3

The art is that loose-and-tight midcentury style I’ve mentioned before, the graphic design is colorful and bold, the whole thing is just lovely. So, you know, enjoy. Here’s the scans of the whole thing.


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18 Responses

  1. I would buy a Ford Anglia after seeing this brochure.

    Actually, I would have bought one BEFORE seeing this brochure. Yeah, I’m “over-square,” just like the Anglia’s “power unit.”

    IIRC, the style was not just Ford UK’s. I’ve seen brochures from BMC and Jaguar that used the same type of illustrations — slightly exaggerated perspective, almost-but-not-quite cartoony — and water-color-esque inks.

  2. I guess they don’t make car brochures any more; everything is on line. I still have the brochure for my 2002 WRX, I thought I had the brochure for the ’91 Eagle Talon, but I can’t find it right now. Time for an expedition into the basement.

  3. Makes me pine for the days of Duane Kuchar and his illustrations that I looked forward too every month back in the day when the drummer for Def Leppard had two arms.

  4. That brochure is a work of art. I’ve always considered this style to be Beatnik Era Art, and, for no reason I can pin down, associated it with Atomic Age mutated-arrowhead ashtrays.

    And I wonder every time I see these Anglias, how bad the visibility was to the rear in light rain. Not that it ever rains in sunny Old Blighty 😉

    1. Indeed!
      For we who haven’t been there, check out the page of Anglia scans (linked-to at the end of the article), then follow the “Main Page” link from there.

  5. It’s amazing how well those tiny hand drwan people worked. With the car’s lines also dragged out a bit, this tiny tall and narrow yellow Ford looks the size of a large and wide Studebaker.

  6. Car brochures. Something else the younger generations will miss out on. It’s a pity.
    In my pre-teen days I would ride my Honda 50 on the gravel roads near my home. “Adult” magazines grew along these roads like mushrooms on rotting stumps. I collected them, took them to school, and sold them. Never got caught.

  7. Woods porn is such a strange thing. Even stranger is that so many people have encountered it before.

    Anyways, I love the opening and closing cover of the brochure

    1. Found a box of Playboys and Penthouses in the woods between subdivisions of our south New Jersey home in the late ’70s when I was in junior high. We moved it to our “clubhouse” of discarded building materials. Rain and damp eventually did them in, but for a glorious few months….

      I can only remember one specific portfolio. It had Bo Derek and an equally buxom local in a hot springs in Japan.

      Off to Google. See you in half an hour or so.

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