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Happy Boxer Day! Get Yourself An Autopian Membership At A Discount (And See Fewer Ads)

Boxing Day Discount

Happy Boxer Day! This is the time of the year we’re giving you a little holiday bonus if you’re willing to get an Autopian membership to support your favorite car-nuts. Membership is a key part of us being able to bring you the stories you need, whether emotional ones about exploding hearts or nerdy ones about engineering, and we want to make it easier to join this week. That’s right, this Boxer Day sale goes to the end of the week! Just use the code boxerday23 any time between now and December 31st and get 9.11% off of your annual membership.

This 9.11 deal applies to all annual plans and also gift memberships, in case you forgot to give someone a gift or want to help someone celebrate an awkwardly timed late December birthday. If you want to try a month of The Autopian you can use code boxerdaycloth23 to get $2.50 off your first three months of monthly Cloth (get it?).

Vidframe Min Top
Vidframe Min Bottom

As a reminder, if you’re already a member thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! And if you don’t have an auto-renew set, please consider renewing by clicking here and following the process. If you do, we’re going to send you even more stuff you love. And if aren’t a current member and want to support a site you often read: Please consider joining!

Ok, here are the details, or you can see the cool seat graphics and full descriptions here:

  • Cloth (GIFT LINK HERE)
    • Access to Member’s Only Posts (like this one about us spending all day debating one headline and changing it a bunch of times).
    • Private access to a Member Only Party room in the Autopian Discord, which has over 600 readers nerdily talking about cars daily
    • Discounts on events
  • Vinyl (GIFT LINK HERE)
    • Everything in Cloth, plus…
    • A new, limited edition Members Only bumper sticker (See above)
    • A limited edition Members Only shirt
  • Velour (GIFT LINK HERE)
    • Everything in Cloth+Vinyl, plus…
    • A custom grille badge for your car
    • Invites to a quarterly virtual trivia night (these are epic)
    • A Jason drawing on your birthday
  • Rich Corinthian Leather (GIFT LINK HERE)
      • Everything in Cloth+Vinyl+Velour
      • A private tour of the Galpin Auto Sports car collection or participating museum.
      • Rust from David
      • Quarterly merch drops
  • Foreign Legion (click this link to learn more about this option for non-North America-based folks).

And, as an added bonus, signed-in members see fewer ads. Specifically, the little pop-up video on mobile will go away!



So, if you don’t mind, consider becoming an Autopian member or gift a membership to someone else! Or yourself! Thank you!

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Stef Schrader
Stef Schrader
3 months ago

The Autopian did 9.11! Wait, uh…

3 months ago

Having recently acquired a new-to-me 987.1 Boxster S, this is a deal I can’t pass up even if I did wince seeing it spelled “Boxer”.

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