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Happy Labor Day, Enjoy All The Autopian Podcast Episodes On YouTube

Autopian Podcast Youtube

As we may have mentioned, The Autopian has a brand new podcast. Most of these episodes have been audio-only, but there’s also a video component and we’ve managed to get all of them up on The Autopian YouTube page for you to enjoy.

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If YouTube isn’t your thing we’re also on Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle Podcasts, or you can use the RSS feed and point your favorite Podcast player at it. The video above is all the episodes in one playlist if you want to make your life easier.

Not only can you listen to Beau, Jason, and David, you can also marvel at the seeming indifference that David has to any of his surroundings ever.

From Joe Ligo talking about his AMC documentary to the Dartz founder talking to us about making cars for dictators, there is a lot to get you through a long Labor Day.


Going forward, our plan is to have 1-2 episodes every Wednesday on both YouTube and on audio platforms simultaneously.

It’s hard to pick a favorite moment, but the Leonard Yankelovich explaining how they put a diamond water filter in his car. “It’s like cooler in office but it’s cooler in car.” And you can’t see diamonds when they are suspended in water so, until you drink the water, it just looks like regular water. Then you drink the water and you can see the diamonds.

“When people drink water, water comes through diamonds, and it’s diamond-filtered.”

Beau perceptively asks: What does diamond-filtering do?


“It’s nothing. Everything is nothing. Like everything in car.”


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