Happy Turkey Day!: Cold Start

Cs Anadol1

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers, and to everyone else, well, we hope your day is fantastic, even though we’re taking the day off. But we’re absolutely, unquestionably thankful for all of you, our readers, the glorious people who somehow share the same painful obsessive ardor for automobiles that would normally get us shunned from polite society. You’re all wonderful, and we simply could not do any of this without you. Thank you. Also, in honor of this Turkey Day, you may wish to contemplate these Anadols, Turkey’s most Turkish of cars.

Take these two, for example:

Cs Anadol2

The Anadol A1 on the left was a Reliant-engineered fiberglass workhorse, and the four-door A2 that came after it was the first four-door fiberglass sedan in the world! Here, watch a video about it:

And next to the A1 up there is the incredible Anadol Böcek, an asymmetrical off-road wonder buggy first made for the Turkish army and from there, humanity.

There’s also the Super Turkish Monster, the STC-16, a sort-of Turkish Datsun 280Z made of fiberglass and dreams:

Here’s another video of it racing:

Anyway, thanks for being you, and have a fantastic holiday, if that’s what you’re doing! If not, well, we’re taking the day off anyway.

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20 Responses

  1. I am thankful all three of my vehicles are fully operational, and that all three are manual transmission.

    I am thankful for my (proper) coup, pickup and daily shitbox.

    They aren’t dream cars, but I feel I’m living the dream when all three are good to go.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here in the States, and I’m esp. grateful for the international reach of this website and its group of enthusiasts.

    It’s so cool to get the perspectives and knowledge of all you autopians from around the world, and at the very least, it’s way more vehicles to obsess over. In an era where the internet seems to spawn a lot of bad things, this place is a great example of the internet at its best!

  3. This is the part where we thank you guys at the website for making 2022 suck much less than expected. Truly appreciate the hard work and efforts of all involved, and of course our fine gang of commenters are the best. May peace be plentiful around all the tables and family gatherings this year. And may all who are traveling stay safe and sane. Bless you all…and thanks again.

    1. Well, given his wonderful valuation skills, there’s a non-zero chance that he’ll turn Jason and David into billionaires overnight just because he wants to buy the website out of spite. To which I say, go for it guys, but keep the Autopian brand, the rights to any website contents up until the sale, and the domain autopian.com – bury the clause in the fine print, he’ll never see it – and just adjust the logo to drop the “THE” and keep on publishing like nothing happened. That’s the kind of internet drama that I’m here for.

  4. Even though as a Belgian, we do not celebrate thanksgiving, and even if I’m a day too late, still wanted to thank the whole team for the wonderful content and the commenters for the vast knowledge and humour one can encounter here. Thank you !

  5. My first thought was: You’re completely right, as a car the Anadol was really a turkey! But I see you meant the country. Oops…

    Anyway, happy thanksgiving! We’ve adopted Halloween and Black Friday here in DK in my time, but we haven’t goten around to Thanksgiving yet. But I can wait 🙂

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