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Help Out The Autopian By Completing This Short Survey!

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*UPDATE: WE GOT A TON OF RESPONSES, THANK YOU, THE SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED!” Hello, fellow Autopians. Part of my role here is to find some advertising partners for the site that’ll fit with our readership. In order to do that, I need to know a little more about you. Please complete this survey and tell us a little about yourself. These are simple and anonymous questions like: How many cars do you own? Do you like to work on your own car? Were you once visited by a mermaid in a dream who offered you riches beyond your wildest dreams in exchange for one of your eyebrows?

I’m sorry, I’ve been informed I’m not allowed to ask that last question. I guess it’ll just remain a mystery and I’ll wake up, sweating, every morning haunted by the thought that those riches will never come and I just shaved my eyebrow for nothing.

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[Editor’s Note: Please consider doing this! It’ll help us get advertisers, and I’m getting a little tired of eating dog food. Except that Ol’Roy Country Stew! Did you know there are actual peas and carrots in there? Heat that up, season to taste, and you got yourself a meal, baby! – JT]

Anyway, please answer this survey, once and honestly. The survey is also below if you’d like to answer it that way.


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