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Help Out The Autopian By Completing This Short Survey!

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*UPDATE: WE GOT A TON OF RESPONSES, THANK YOU, THE SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED!” Hello, fellow Autopians. Part of my role here is to find some advertising partners for the site that’ll fit with our readership. In order to do that, I need to know a little more about you. Please complete this survey and tell us a little about yourself. These are simple and anonymous questions like: How many cars do you own? Do you like to work on your own car? Were you once visited by a mermaid in a dream who offered you riches beyond your wildest dreams in exchange for one of your eyebrows?

I’m sorry, I’ve been informed I’m not allowed to ask that last question. I guess it’ll just remain a mystery and I’ll wake up, sweating, every morning haunted by the thought that those riches will never come and I just shaved my eyebrow for nothing.

[Editor’s Note: Please consider doing this! It’ll help us get advertisers, and I’m getting a little tired of eating dog food. Except that Ol’Roy Country Stew! Did you know there are actual peas and carrots in there? Heat that up, season to taste, and you got yourself a meal, baby! – JT]

Anyway, please answer this survey, once and honestly. The survey is also below if you’d like to answer it that way.


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88 Responses

  1. I would have commented before your survey closed, but your Dell 486 web server is too damn slow. Do you mind installing a couple more hamster wheels?

  2. I want a realistic, down-to-earth website that’s completely off the wall and swarming with magic robots.

    And also, I should win things by reading.

  3. “If you feel comfortable, list all the cars you own!”

    Why would I feel uncomfortable telling you what kind of cars I have? They’re not THAT bad

  4. I hate all ads and will never not do my damnedest to block them. Sorry not sorry. I would gladly fork over a monthly subscription though, even if it came with no extra benefits whatsoever. I’m not going to look at your ads if I can possibly help it, but I’m not trying to be a freeloader. I like this place and I want to support it. Come up with a way for me to give you my money, and I’ll do it. I’m standing here with fistfuls of dollars, just waiting for you to reach out and take them. Please take them!

  5. I will not login to Google to give you a survey. Let that be survey point #1.

    I’ll whitelist you for a little while, until the ads start making noise or autoplaying.

    1. I totally understand the hate for Google. I have it too. However, ya’all could do what I did and log in to your/a Google account, take the survey and log right the FCK back out immediately afterward.

      I did it purely to help out The Autopian, cause I like this place and want to help.

      For the record:

      It was my first log-in to my Google account this year (and probably longer -I don’t remember).

      I never, ever use their search engine. I use one that’s anonymous and that seems to work. I quit using Google back when they took “Do no evil” out of their mission statement.

      I ran a virus scan and washed my hands twice after logging back out after the survey, and so far I’m clean.

      Do it for the kids…. they need this.

  6. I love the site and will absolutely pay for a subscription for add-free reading (or even obnoxious-add-free like the curent setup, which is pretty thoughtful).
    Sorry won’t create a google account to respond to a survey, even a cool one.

  7. When I’m listening to Pandora (which is a near constant because music is life)
    they will often advertise upcoming concerts. Those advertisements never bother me.
    I find them almost helpful and way less intrusive to the experience due to their relevance (and they work, I’ve bought tickets to bands I wouldn’t have known where coming to town if I hadn’t heard the ad).

    I think event advertisements could be a good way to go. I believe your enthusiast audience actually wants to know about these things and we are the perfect target audience for the advertiser’s.
    RV shows, Airshows, Races, Museum exhibits etc. (hell even upcoming comedians shows would fit in judging by the constant stream of funny in the comments section).

    1. I mean.. I’ll always scroll right past any ad that doesn’t interest me like it wasn’t even there. I never even noticed the Optima Battery ad, because I don’t need a battery.
      But if say.. DirtFish is having an event or a sale on a track day I would appreciate them giving you money to make me aware of it. And I would appreciate The Autopian for advertising it. It’s a win win.

  8. I requested ads for Hustler, Bacardi, and vintage Marlboro ads, preferably on Ferrari’s for this Shangri-la of auto websites!

  9. Oh, hey, when’s there going to be an Autopian podcast? It doesn’t have to be weekly, even semi-monthly. I need something to listen to while I’m wrenching or mowing on the weekends now that Car Talk has shorter curated episodes. You can bet your sweet ass I’d tune into that. Plus it’s another avenue for sponsors.

  10. So, how about opening the ad space for us? Imagine reading a serious exposé of some dark corporation, having my punchable face plastered all across the place, with a stupid grin and ridiculous clothes, all carefully chosen and posed to elicit the maximum gag reflex?
    But seriously, I’m also fine sponsoring an “cars from invented countries” or some intricate taillight minutiae. Actually, I might prefer that…

  11. The survey closed before I was able to respond, but I would add, please be clear about where content is sponsored or from a press release, etc. I have no problem with you guys running that stuff, sometimes it’s even newsworthy, so long as it’s obvious what the source is. Cyclingtips.com does an excellent job of this, for example

  12. I completed the survey and will expect the NSU Prinz from the title image as payment for my participation. When can I expect to see it arrive in my driveway?

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  13. I think a quick sentence or two with a link to a sponsor, edited by the Autopian staff, to start off articles would be great.

    Not intrusive to the reader and can’t be blocked by ad blockers to keep the advertiser happy.

    Another great way to engage with advertisers is to simply have articles about them, with them. See Linus Tech Tips on YouTube.

  14. Just last night I got an email from FCP Euro asking about my experience with their site. It asked where I got my automotive content and I was sure to call out The Autopian specifically. Hopefully they’ll take your calls, now.

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