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Hey New Members, Tell Us About Your Current (Or Dream) Project Cars

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Opa Carriker
Opa Carriker
9 months ago

Take my Cadillac to Quality Body to have the driver’s side mirror replaced. It’s destruction at 70 mph by an oncoming vehicle was one of the most terrifying moments of my life.

Fe2 O3
Fe2 O3
10 months ago

I’d like to have another ’68 Charger some day.. but maybe Tesla swapped? At least engine/trans swapped with something more modern and reliable. Something already done would actually be preferable. Between the kids/fam and the two jobs.. I don’t have much time. Also interested in getting a SW-20 MR2.. but concerned I won’t fit in it.

Steve Karo
Steve Karo
10 months ago

TL/DR – 1971 Porsche 914, 2012 Range Rover Sport (daily driver getting control arm bushings/ball joints, 1995 Defender 90 ROW that just arrived from Poland’s famed Fire Service)

I will keep it simple. I have a 1971 Porsche 914 that was recently completed (uh…still some minor paint touch-ups to do). My daily driver is a 2012 Land Rover RRS that is up on blocks while I replace the front upper/lower control arm bushings and ball joints (Pro-tip – spend the extra $$ and buy the entire control arm with all new parts instead of trying to press out/in, you’ll save days of effort and contribute a lot less to the swear jar, but you will spend additional $$ and acquire new tools for the future).

And I just imported a 1995 Defender 90 300tdi that was in the Polish fire service for my next project. Pro-tip, don’t assume that if customs lets your car into the country that you will easily be able to title/register it. Although they are a law enforcement agency, apparently you need a different law enforcement inspection which has a backlog of 60-90 days for inspection (ugghhh!!).

Myk El
Myk El
10 months ago

My recently acquired ’05 GTO does suffer from low quality stitching so some seams in the back seat are coming apart and one area of droopy headliner so going to get some interior work done as the first major work. Beyond my skillset. Replaced the battery as the old one was of unknown age and those cars have a known issue regarding battery drain so having a known fresh one and a device to maintain it gives confidence when it sits for a bit. Also replaced the hood struts.

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